Re: Hey Nos, I'm seeing your band tomorrow bro...

Date:2019-04-04 19:59:01
In Reply To:Re: Hey Nos, I'm seeing your band tomorrow bro... by Nosferatwo
Howard is gonna tear that place apart. I am listening to LTT songs on youtube to get a little reacquainted and getting blown away.
Yeah, it's a great record (it might have been AOTY if not for that all screaming track, short though it may be), and Howard's as good as he's ever been. No offense to Jesse, but Howard's the real voice of KSE for me.
They are all pretty friendly so they should just tour together and then they can do a couple of duets or maybe Howard could sing a couple of songs from his era. I've seen bands do that in the past. Inviting ex band members to do the songs they are famous for. Granted most of them hate each other's guts hence not being in the band lol! So the chances are pretty slim but in Howard's case I don't think there was much bad blood at all only Howard getting sick and then having his bi-polar or whatever issues.

Howard came on and did a song when KSE supported Maiden last year and his was voice was totally immense and overshadowed Jesse's to be honest. I was listening and I was like is this guy for fucking real? He was overpowering the guitars and that's hard to do when you just have your voice and nothing else, or maybe the soundman was a Howard fan and just turned his mix up on the PA hehe! He was an absolute vocal beast on those mega soaring cleans. Jesse's probably glad he only did a couple of tunes! Didn't wanna be overshadowed for too long eh..

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