Hey Nos, I'm seeing your band tomorrow bro...

Date:2019-04-04 18:26:56
Edited:2019-04-04 19:49:33
Light The Torch to be precise. I wonder who you thought I was referring to? lol! They're supporting In Flames. I wasn't actually gonna go coz I'm tired of IF and seen them too many times but then I thought fuck it I'll go for Howard's mob LTT. Should be good huh? There's a shit band there too though..Norma Jean.

Howard is gonna tear that place apart. I am listening to LTT songs on youtube to get a little reacquainted and getting blown away. The Safety of Disbelief fucking unbelievable track. When they start up the final song Die Alone the place is gonna go ape with frenzy and the sheer emotion in that song! Damn... how epic is this gonna be...Howard tear us a new one mate we're ready!

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