Manowar - The Final Battle I EP

Date:2019-03-31 09:59:19
So here it is the first of 3 eps. First of all I(like most I suspect) had no idea they would be releasing new music. I thought it's the final tour and that's it.

The opener is March of the Heroes Into Valhalla. Just an epic intro not bad but for an ep to have an intro is a bit of a cheat. So this is basically 3 tracks. Nice intro though.

Blood And Steel - First proper song. It's sounds, looks and tastes of Manowar. However the production is proper terrible. Joey's bass doesn't sound as shit as the previous album but it is audible as you'd expect. Eric's voice is shot. His high end is gone. He's singing in a low tone and he's highs are super strained. I can't deny the chorus is great and catchy. The song sounds like a typical Manowar mid tempo song. Good not great.

Sword of the Highlands is an emotional ballad that only Manowar knows how to perfect. A soothing start like listening to the soundtrack to Braveheart. Eric sings the verses in a whisper and not proper singing but then the second verse Eric sings normally and sounds great actually. Only when he starts to get more aggressive you can sense the edge of his voice has lessened. The build in the song is typically Manowar. This is basically Heart of Steel rewritten and that's one of my fave Manowar ballads. A stirring ballad this one. The sound is again woolly and unclear but I think this is intentional to have a raw underproduced sound. I like the song what can i say.

You Shall Die Before I Die - This song is brutally slow and punishing. This could have come from Manowar's first two or 3 albums. Joey "sings" this one. I use quotes because he's either narrating or growling like a beast. There's an effect on his voice too it seems or it could be his own but it makes it sounds more low and gravelly. This is basically a rewrite of songs like Hatred or Bridge of Death. The song is grim. You can call it Barbarian war metal if you like. It has a grim atmosphere. Old school Manowarheads - this is as close to classic 'war as you're gonna get just as they are about to retire. No melody here, just grimness and a doomy feel. The solo is sort of interesting though. The songs ends with Joey chanting the chorus till it's conclusion. Interesting song but too grim for me.

So there you have it the ep. 3 typical Manowar songs and an epic intro. Not bad but still the production is super raw and it's probably intentional though I prefer a crisp and crunchy sound. They actually made a big spiel on their promo about recording with this and that in their studio to get this monster sound but in the end it sucks pretty much. Eric'c voice is also now very hoarse on the highs but it's normal with age. We'll see how the other 2 EPs go but I guess the band's ending with a retrospective of all their styles in these EPs.

On a side note last time Manowar came to the UK the ticket price was £60 and I refused to pay it even though it was my one and only chance to see them. Now they are back on their final tour, granted not in London but in Birmingham and oddly they've booked 2 dates in a row there and not any in London. But get this the ticket price is £105!! Are you friggin' serious??

A big fuck you goes out to whoever came up with that price. You ain't Metallica Joey!

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