Re: March Round Up

Date:2019-03-30 06:43:52
In Reply To:Re: March Round Up by The Surfing Alien
The End Machine - st - 3.5/10 - does zilch for me. Performances ain't great and so is production. I don't get how seasoned vets can come up with such boring music.
Hmm... I quite liked it. Did you like recent Lynch Mob albums at all? This is similar but better IMO and less bluesy.
No I didn’t. I guess I start off on the wrong foot with all these Lynch Mob spin off bands as I don’t like that style in the first place.
DeVicious - Reflections -
from a few tracks sounds decent. I do prefer a more standout singer for this genre these days.
Queensrÿche - The Verdict - 7/10 - Yes it's a good
Agreed quite good, with energy and verve, but no Operation Mindcrime .
Cats In Space - Daytrip To Narnia - 7.5/10 - The Cats
Ive been meaning to give these guys more time. Sounds pleasant enough.
Michael Jessen - Bulletproof - 7.5/10 - Enjoyable melodic rock solo project from this Mr Jessen fellow who managed to get Goran Edman to sing on the whole
Ha, I've heard Edman on enough mediocre projects to know he will sing on anything for money, so his presence is no guarantee of quality :) IMO
Yea no guarantees but this one works well and worth a listen
Any Given Day - Overpower - 8/10 - Tip from Nos,
Pretty good modern rock metal!
Defo surprised me.
Battle Beast - No Hollywood Endings - 9/10 - So for me
Video singles sounded awful to me :/ not enough interesting melodies for the genre IMO.
New album is their most melodic to me. Funny how people hear things differently lol.
Darkwater - Human - 9.75/10 -
This was very very nice. Definitely one of the better melodic prog metal releases in a while.
Definitely. I love how clean it all sounds. I’m a sucker for that sound. :-)

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