Re: March Round Up

Date:2019-03-28 21:36:20
In Reply To:Re: March Round Up by Nosferatwo
The End Machine - st - 3.5/10
Burning Rain - Face The Music - 4/10
Is it just me, or is Frontiers having a pretty lousy year so far? Inglorious is the only thing they've put out I would give much value to. I know there's supposed to be new Eclipse and The Dark Element records, and they had better come, because the label is letting me down hardcore. (April isn't impressing me from them either, and I have zero interest in Whitesnake)
Yea possibly but I don't sweat it. Frontiers is keeping the melodic rock scene alive almost single handedly with regular releases. You don't have to like everything they release. I always find 1 or 2 a month and if not well I can wait. So far this year I've liked Inglorious, Toby Hitchcock and Find Me from what I can tell. Not a lot admittedly but I don't really care too much what label is releasing what. Frontiers have been amazing in the past and will be amazing in the future.
Any Given Day - Overpower - 8/10 Maybe in the future these guys should think about doing away
with growls completely, that would be a heck of an album if they did that!
Totally. This one's pretty great as it is, but dumping the growls for more singing would make it even better. We wouldn't need Tremonti anymore, lol
Let's not get carried away now...haha!

Bloodbound - Rise of the Dragon Empire - 9.25/10 possibly their best album ever.
Well I like my metallic pizza and pasta with extra toppings of metallic cheese and that's I'm such a fat metallic bastard! :-)

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