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Date:2019-03-26 21:33:00
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Though those albums were also often 35 - 45 minutes... whereas an album today may well be 70 minutes to 2 hours or more.
"May" being the operative word. There's no reason albums need to be that long (or even should be, often). And if anything, I get at least as many 40 minute albums as 70 minute ones, if not more.

And I don't think it needs to be said, but the length of a song or album is not directly related to how long it takes to write.
Certainly not... but it does sometimes seem like a band may just be holding on to song ideas for a while before eventually coalescing them into an album after a longer period of time than may have been commmon in the past. Years ago, the album / tour cycle was perhaps a stronger driving force... where it was almost expected that one have a new album out in order to tour. Whereas today, lots of bands, especially older, established acts, can easily just hit the road without any new album to support. And since the amount of money one can make from the release of a new album is far less today than during the heydey of physical media, there's also less incentive from that end to frequently release albums.

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