Date:2019-03-24 16:57:47
Edited:2019-03-24 17:01:18
In Reply To:Manowar to release EP of new material by coreystinson
Man, their career is effectively over. Karl Logan ruined everything for them.

They don't even have photos on their website anymore.

They had to re-write their bio to avoid any talk of former members. What can they say? "Look, so yeah, we fired Shankle for getting too fat, fired Rhino to get back with Scott, then Scott, well, that didn't end well, but we're used to lying about him...and now we got this thing with Karl...Sooo, come see us retire with a 3/4 Battle Hymns line-up + some fanboy/hired gun, because we couldn't bear crawling to Ross - the only possible way of rescue in that situation - and paying him a share that'd be equal to Joey's...this could never happen. So, anyway, it's all about you, the fans..."

Arrogant lying fuckheads. First 6 - 7 albums are awesome, though - too bad they've been regurgitating mulch for the WWF brain dead for the last 2 decades. Their attitude toward ticket and merch prices and releasing "new" material shows shitty human beings, who were just lucky to have put out some killer music back in their day. To not take advantage of the current opportunity to go out with the original line-up and heads held (slightly) high(er) over ego and money is beyond stupid, and actually is disrespectful to the fan base, who in all fairness deserves what they're getting, with this piece-of-shit half-assed "farewell" tour. Their whole M.O. has been so shitty the last 20 years, they can go fuck themselves.
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