Re: A few new songs

Date:2019-03-24 01:15:17
In Reply To:A few new songs by Pirage
New song by SOTO band. Thick grinding riffs. The chorus is actually pretty decent from Jeff and he sounds great throughout the track. I might like this more than their previous attempts though it might not really be my cuppa again. We'll see.

Another brand new cut from Grand Magus. Slow and doomy but a great feel. Sounds like a Manowar song in all but name. Fists will be raised on this one.
New single from Scott Stapp. The song is epic as fuck. Looking forward to this a lot. His vocal melodies are just so damn catchy.

A new song from Lance King's solo album. Sounds really good. SLightly proggy melodic metal. Sounds superb if you ask me.
Thanks for these links!

Didn't know Stapp, solid song. The 3 others rock my world.
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