Re: The New Battle Beast Album

Date:2019-03-22 15:06:37
In Reply To:The New Battle Beast Album by Nosferatwo
After one listen, I'm sort of disappointed. It's not bad by any means, but it's not nearly as fun or catchy as I was hoping for. The vocals are great, but the songs are just sort of ok. "Endless Summer" is the only one that stood out to me as being something great. Most of the record is rather familiar. Maybe it's not cheesy enough?
Dude, just finished a full listen and I think this is the catchiest they’ve ever been. Also probably the least metal they’ve ever been. This is full on heavy melodic metal now but with monster tunes. Noora doesn’t employ the “battle bitch” vocals a lot. She’s singing like a normal girl now and she still sounds amazing when going up the register a bit.

Pay attention to these songs to hear the magic. Unfairy Tales, Unbroken, The Hero is basically like a song the two “ beasts” can share. You can imagine either of them doing it! Raise Your Fists with its dramatic build and glorious mightiness.

Right now I think BB is slightly ahead of BiB. I think your next listen will reveal the magic on this album bro.

Btw March has been absolutely friggin amazing for releases and I thought February was good. Bloody hell. Got a whole heap of albums at 7/10 and upwards.

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