Re: New Bloodbound

Date:2019-03-20 19:58:58
Edited:2019-03-20 20:05:15
In Reply To:Re: New Bloodbound by Nosferatwo
Holy crap! The album is seriously gloriously catchy! A truly wonderful and magical power metal release. I think this could be my fave Bloodbound ever. Over to professional Bloodbound hater Mr Nos Feratwo 😂
Nothing they ever do, or Urban ever does (to be fair), will ever top "Tabula Rasa". I believe this year is the ten year anniversary of that record, and I'll be damned if it doens't still sound completely modern and what power metal's next step could have been.

And that's where you get me going against my own logic. That record is clearly Bloodbound as Soilwork, and yet I love it anyway, identity crisis be damned.

The new one is the best since then, though. I'll give them that.
Well finally a bit of begrudging praise! That's as good as it'll get from you no doubt hehe! :-)

Whatever identity crisis they've had they've nailed it on this release as far as the traditional power metal style goes. The Tabula Rasa style was a very successful experiment no doubt but I guess with Urban out they could return to their trad style as I'm sure it was Urban pushing for that more modern style. Sure they lost a few fans going back but that's ok. You can't please everyone. By the way on this album the ID crisis isn't really strong. Sure they sound derivative of a mix of Sabaton, Nightwish and Rhapsody but it's a good mix with a cracking set of memorable choruses. For example the song Giants of Heaven. That song is just fun as hell and puts a shit eating grin on my face!

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