Re: Specifically, the new Any Given Day album...

Date:2019-03-20 19:16:35
In Reply To:Re: Specifically, the new Any Given Day album... by Pirage
It's rather interesting. It's a metalcore record, at heart, but the vocals and choruses sound almost exactly like a Tremonti record. It has me intrigued.
Well YOU had me intrigued when you mentioned Tremonti. So I listened to this on the way into work this morning. Man these choruses are really something. I can defo hear the Tremonti twang in them. The album sure is not perfect though. It's a bit jarring here and there and you have to grit your teeth. Overall they're not all that metalcore-y to me. Not many breakdowns or very short ones at that so that helps in my listening time. They basically sound like a modern metal band with angst and loads of big melody. I'll look forward to a few more plays of this before I decide how much I like it. Anyway I should say thanks for the tip otherwise the description for a band like this would mean an instant "next" from me as I don't give metalcore or modern metal related bands a chance. You have your uses my friend! :-)
Glad you could enjoy some of it. The description didn't get me exited either. There wasn't anything else I noticed that day to check out, so they got a listen by default.

Spotify listeners today got a new Yours Truly track. That makes three from the EP that are out now, so it's enough to say it's going to be one of the most fun releases. They're so catchy I just wish they were making a whole album.
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