Jorn Marathon Part 3

Date:2019-03-17 11:20:24
In 2005 the second Masterplan was released by the name of Aeronautics. I really loved this at the time but people said it wasn't as good as the debut but what do people know eh.

Crimson Rider starts things off in great fashion. Heavy and energetic with a great vocal melody. Great chorus, what a start.

Back For My Life - The big single off this sophomore effort. The equivalent of Enlighten Me if you will. The song is sedate and melodic. Builds to an extravagant melodic chorus. Very good!

Wounds follows and is a typical Masterplan tune. A speedy and jaunty vibe. A Helloweeny chorus. Happy days. It's good to listen to these songs after all these years.

I'm Not Afraid is up next and is not a song I recall. A nice song but not as good as first 3. The chorus starts to weave a little magic towards the end though.

Headbangers Ballroom - Another video single as I seem to recall. A catchy mid paced tune. About going out and partying in Germany with metal chicks.

After This War - A brooding power ballad. Nice tune.

Into The Arena - A pounder of a tune. Rollicking along well and Jorn in typical punchy form. One of the best choruses on the whole album. Amazing.

Dark From The Dying - A slow mesmerising tune. Heavy slow riffing but with a great vocal melody. Not my complete fave but a nice powerful feel and pretty dark as far as Masterplan is concerned.

Falling Sparrow - Another of the big singles and catchier moments from this great album. What a tune this is. The vocal melody in the chorus is Epic!

Back In the Burn - an epic tune at 9:42. They really throw the kitchen sink in this one. Try a bit of everything to create an epic monster of a tune. This reminds me of the stuff Tobi is doing in Avantasia now. Jorn really goes through his whole repertoire on this magical song. heavy, aggressive, melodic and smooth.

Hopes and Dreams is a shortish song that acts more as an outro. Jorn still sounds great though.

Can you guess this listen went well? What a wonderful album this

was. 9/10 - whole album

In 2006 Jorn released another solo album called The Duke. I remember not exactly loving this one. Let's see how it goes now.

We Brought The Angels Down - A slow typically, Jorny solo song. He loves these heavy brooding tunes. It allows him to go to town vocally. He does sound amazing doing it but the melody in this song is too over wrought for me. It is a decent song though.

Blacksong follows in similar fashion more or less. Moody stuff. This album is not for those happy times. The melody is really pretty good though. Just that the pace is mostly sedate and doesn't break out of the dark into the light.

Stormcrow - Ok throw of the shackles a bit Jorn and let's rock. Stormcrow brings back some of the energy that I love and still with a huge dose of grinding heaviness. The guitarwork is badass in this song. The chorus is glorious too. If I was making a best of Jorn solo this track would be a cert. POWERFUL!

End Of Time - Bring back the doom eh Jorn? Slow and grinding but with a nice melody. Of the slow songs I like this a lot. Great slick chorus melody.

Duke of Love - Hey Jorn are you the Duke of Love dude? This western tinged rocker is ok. Jorn does songs like this on most albums. I like it but not love.

Burning Chains - Let's go for an emotional ballad. Jorn does his best Coverdale impression. I actually love his Cov croon. The song is a bit boring though.

After the Dying - Heck yeah, fat guitars! Love these kind of tunes. Burning up the galaxy with crunching riffage and then suddenly grinding the pace down ala Sabbath. Jorn is some crooner boy! He goes full Coverdale!

Midnight Madness - About turning into a werewolf. This one is like Dio. The melody is a bit average but not a bad track at all.

Are You Ready - more rock n roll after the slowness preceding it. Is this the Thin Lizzy song? I guess it is right. Sounds really good man. Such a fun tune.

There's a new version of Starfire next. Sounds much heavier and chunkier than the original of course.

Noose - An almost thrashy start with jagged riffing and then quiet verses leading to a modern feel to this song. The melody is pretty cool in the chorus though. Great feel and very melodic. So both modern and melodic.

It turns out The Duke is overall much better than I remembered and easily one of Jorn's heaviest albums. Vocally the dude was absolutely belting it out in full savage mode. Also a big mention for the guitar work on this album which was absolutely incendiary.


In 2008 after a while out Jorn returned with another solo album called Lonely Are the Brave. The tone on the album was definitely different and less mean, dark and heavy. More open and classic melodic rock/metal. This is defo one of my fave Jorn solo disks.

Let's see what I make of it now..

Lonely Are The Brave - is typical of the album. Not trying to be too heavy. Just a neat riff and a great vocal line from Jorn not trying to grind it out. What a lovely tune. Just the kind of stuff I love Jorn doing!

Night City - This just happens to be one of my fave Jorn tunes ever. Funny thing it's not an energetic tune at all. It just has a glorious slow melodic feel. Haven't listened to this in 10 years. Awesome! What a magic tune. I belt the chorus out on this one!

War of The World - Another great tune. What a start to this album. The riffs are just class and Jorn does what Jorn does best. Goes all melodic and then more aggressive as the line calls for it. Magic!

Shadow People - Another cracking tune. This time energetic. Not a step wrong so far.

Soul of The Wind - A brooding epic ballad. Too brooding for my taste but not bad. First song not to meet with complete approval though it is good.

Man Of The Dark - Jorn does these type of tracks in his sleep. Perfect vehicle to showcase his talents. Another great song.

Promises - Another guitar heavy attack this track and Jorn cuts loose vocally. Another amazing song haha!

The Inner Road - Ups the pace a little and you get a good mix on this album. Loving this again what can I say. Song goes through many vibes and feelings.

Hellfire follows and is the longest track on the album. This one would've fitted well on the Duke. Same feel and heaviness. I like it but not as much as some of the others. It is very good though just too dark as the title would suggest.

Stormbringer - Deep Purple cover. Sounds so good. Cov who?

This version has a bonus track called Showdown and it's a nice ballad. Not amazing but very nice.

So Lonely Are the Brave is IMO one of Jorn's best efforts in his vast catalog. Epic! 9/10

A year later in 2009, Jorn returned with Spirit Black. He loves these mean and moody titles for his albums. I don't exactly recall and we'll see soon but I have a feeling our old mate Jorn was bring Mr Angry back. Let's find out!

Spirit Black - The title track first up and it sort of sounds industrial almost before the opening riff brings us back to normal Jorn territory. Jorn is not quite as angry as I was expecting. It is a typically slow burner from the man though. The chorus is unfortunately underwhelming. Not bad but underwhelming. Fat solo though

Below - A slight up-shift in tempo but not too much. A decent riff in the verses. Not a bad song but still not great. Not too angry either although Jorn sounds his good self.

Road Of The Cross - A little bit of classic Dio style. Think Holy Diver lol. In fact this song seems to be a homage almost to that song. The chorus is actually a bit unexpected as Jorn reigns it in. This song has a great feel. The first really good tune. Epic!

The Last Revolution - No energetic song yet. Is it time for that? Alas no it's that similar stomping riff. Great though it is. This one is a bit grindy and the riff is very repetitive. The chorus is sees Jorn bring out Mr Angry and it's good to see him make an appearance. A decent but not amazing song.

City Inbetween - Pace or energy? Not at all. Another morose doomy track. Church bells chime the doom. Jorn croons smoothly. No heavy riff strangely until a bit towards the end when thhs like 2 songs in one. I like the second half whilst the first half is boring.

Rock and Roll Angel - Acoustic to start and Jorn crooning. I remember this song. Jorn can do these type of songs in his sleep. He's a master of this art. It all sounds good but it's just an average Jorn song to me. The chorus is very catchy though I can't deny.

Burn Your Flame - Finally. Let the riffs loose Jorn dude. Give us a bit of your swagger. Riffs scythe along and the chorus is so clean and catchy. This one is like when Whitesnake has really energetic fast songs. Very cool tune.

World Gone Mad - Well this is prophetic. World's Gone Mad at the moment and it was I guess pretty mad back in 2009 when this was released! Although in this song is comes across as a personal reflection from Jorn. I love the tempo of this but most of all I love the melody in Jorn's vocals. One of the best songs on this album for sure.

I Walk Alone - A Tarja cover. How come I don't recall this? A typical grinding slow riff to start and Jorn springs to life with a growly croon. The chorus absolutely soars. Great melody there. I'd probably say this is miles better than the original.

Wild Blood - A japan bonus track. More rock n roll and not so metal. Sounds a bit like a cleaner ACDC mixed with Whitesnake. A nice track.

The Sun Goes Down - A European bonus track this one. a quiet atmospheric track with futuristic Jean Michel Jarre like keys. A bit like Pink Floyd too. Interesting bonus track. Lacks a big melody but interesting for a bonus

So there we have Spirit Black. A good but not great Jorn album. Maybe lacking in a little inspiration here and there and there's repetition of former glories. But he does it all with such conviction that you forgive self plagiarism. 7.5/10

A year later in 2010, Jorn was finally back on the plate with Masterplan's Time To Be King. Obviously it was good, but let's see how good it actually was..

Fiddle of Time - His stint in Masterplan has always been more to my liking and a song like this explains why. The riff is energy laden and jaunty. Jorn still sings like a man possessed but with that super melodic riffing backing. I love the little guitar melody flashes here too.

Blow Your Winds - A cool and mid tempo start to this track. The guitar tone in Masterplan is much lighter than Jorn's solo material I've noticed. But more melodic which sits very well with me. This chorus is lovely and smooth. 2 for 2 at the start of this album.

Far From the End of the World - That similar uptempo feel to most Masterplan songs. The vocal melody from Jorn in the chorus is just magnificent. I love this song even more than the first two! Absolute beaut lads...

Time To be King - The title track follows and it has a the usual Masterplan traits. Uptempo feel but not double bass. The chorus slows down and allows the melodies to flow so well. A very solid song but maybe a bit below the others.

Lonely Winds Of War - A sad and plaintive start and a riff similar to Jorn's solo material. The keys sound so good in this song. very moody and melodic. They make the song actually. I actually love this song. Quite majestic and a song with lots of emotion.

The Dark Road - Strangely quite a happy sounding jaunty start for such a dark title. The song settles into a power ballad of sorts with Jorn reminiscing. Then the chorus brings us the rest of the band and it all sounds so grand and epic. This is the longest song on the album and the more you loisten the more it captures your imagination. Fantastic tune!

The Sun is In Your Hands - A simple riff to start and Jorn sounding a bit more meaner. A few snarls here and there. The tempo stays mid throughout the song until the end when the guitarist cuts loose a bit during the solos. Just a solid but not amazing song.

The Black One - A mid tempo song with Jorn going the angry route a touch. That riff in the verse sounds killer. Vengeful Jorn screams and howls like a man bent on dishing out some painful justice to that woman that wronged him! The chorus is pretty similar but it sounds great anyway. I love the angst in this song. Mean!

Blue Europa - a riff that harkens back to the debut Masterplan album. Fast , energetic and melodic as hell. I love this song.. I don't have much else to say. The chorus is smooth and super melodic. Forgotten how good this album was..

Under the Moon - A slow and moody song. heavy chords and Jorn crooning. Not my fave but listenable. The song builds into a slow burner of angst and melodrama. Great screaming solo. This song would sit nicely on any of Jorn's solo albums.

Never Walk Alone - A Japanese bonus track and well worth it too. A simple riff but Jorn's melodies sound very cool. You know you get a riff going, give the mic to Mr Lande, and say there you go mate do your stuff, and he

I'd forgotten how good this album was. It could even be the best Masterplan ever but maybe the debut is still a touch better but this is right up there. 9/10

Phewwww! Last part of the marathon to go Mr. Lande.....

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