Re: Gobel did 2 Falconer discs(lt)

Date:2019-03-11 17:10:13
In Reply To:Re: Gobel did 2 Falconer discs(lt) by Guillaume
I don't recall SoD at all but kinda love GvsG and still play it.
Scepter of Deception was the first disc they did without Blad(except for backing vocals and a couple of lines on 1 song, which really made me wish they had done an album with them sharing lead vocals) and it got tons of bad reviews focusing almost entirely on Blad being gone, even though the album itself was quite good and Gobels himself didn't sound bad, he just wasn't Mathias. Unfortunately, then GvG came out and aside from like 1 song, it was not good and was absolutely worthy of the criticisms it got, which were, in this case, not all limited to lack of Mathias.
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