Jorn Marathon Part 2

Date:2019-03-10 21:42:47
So here we with part 2 of the Jorn Marathon.

First we step back a little bit from where we were as The Tall Dwarf pointed out I missed Mundanus Imperium and The Spectral Spheres Coronation released in 1998. I actually know about this but I missed it. I remember not liking it back when it was released. Let's see how it goes now.

Distant Conglomeration - Opener sounds like the black metal that was hugely popular at the time. Lots of keys. Jorn singing well but sounds out of place with the music sort of. Production is also pretty cheap. The song itself is ok. Lots of jaunty keys. I actually like the keys. Sounds like filmscore music.

The Life of What You Seek - Similar to track 1. Jaunty keys. Jorn crooning and screaming in part. The drums and guitar might as well not have turned up, you can't hear any!

Beyond The Earthly - instrumental Not bad apart from horrible guitar again.

Starwars - Jorn hits us with heavy power vocals. Not so black metally this one. Me no likey either way.

Predominate - back to typical symphonic black of the time. Nice keys again. A better more majestic song, better vocal melodies. I like it.

Stargazer - Rainbow cover. Jorn was born for this. Despite bad production they do a great job of this.

The Unborn Breathes in Silence - Another song from this album that I don't care for. Jorn screaming a lot. Keyboard line also stupid although it does get better a bit later.

If The Universe Transformed - Another similar long song. zzzzz

Final thoughts on this album. It's not my cuppa. Jorn sings hard as he possibly can to sound mean and gritty. I like the keys mostly but I hate the sound but I am judging via youtube so take that into account. This album is seen as some kind of long lost cult album but to me it fails as a project. Black Metal guys must have HATED all this singing when they first heard it. 3.5/10 - whole thing if you're interested.

Ark - Burn The Sun was released in 2001. Jorn's short lived but much loved stint with Ark. I am gonna cop a load of shit for this but when I heard this album in the past, I never really cared for it bar a few of tracks. Let's see how I feel now.

Heal The Waters - Yeah nice groovy riff. I remember this track as being one I liked. Production is ace. Crunchy and melodic. Jorn rasps his way through the chorus like a man possessed and also croons a little. Track is a little proggy too with a wacky keyboard solo.

Torn - Slightly jazzy bass. This production is crystal clear. This song does nothing for me vocally. The music however is super ambitious and great.

Burn the Sun - More of those jagged riffs and a crooning Jorn. The riffs are hella good. Jamming and groovy. The chorus is better this time. I find myself more drawn to the music than what Jorn is doing which is a bit strange right?

Resurrection - This song is quiet and then suddenly loud and jarring. I like the verses strangely where the music is more relaxed and Jorn sounds great. Not bad but not my fave by far.

Absolute Zero - weird singing from Jorn starts this off. Jazzy fast bass. slick man that fella. Weird vocals like a wacky dude doing childish vocals. The chorus however is pretty good. Warming to this song.

Just A Little - Wonderfully acoustic line to this flamenco influenced track. The bass is as usual superbly creative. A very nice melodic song that gets quite proggy towards the end.

Waking Hour - A dreamy start and Jorn singing pleadingly. Song is ok but doesn't do too much for me.

Noose - Getting heavy, a jamming riff and then dancing bass. Jorn's vocals have an echo-y delay thing going on. Seems sort of out of place with the music. The chorus however gets super heavy and Jorn goes super aggressive. Ends up being a very cool track. He reminds me of Warrel Dane on this track a little hehe!

Feed the Fire - A nice jagged riff on one of the catchiest songs on the album. One of my old faves from the album that I recall. haven't heard it since the album's early days. The chorus gets super melodic and majestic but it's all about that tasty riff.

I Bleed - A quiet number, not too much happening until the end when we get a wacky solo. Not a good song IMO.

Missing You - Sounds like Pink Floyd at the beginning or Dire Straits even! Jorn croons away on this epic ballad until about 2/3 of the way in until finally the guitarist gets bored and pipes in with a cool riff. The song ends pretty well. Not bad but a bit too bloated.

Silent is The Rain - Just a quiet track to end. Jorn sings majestically though.

So there we have it the cult classic that everyone loves from Ark. I don't love it but I do like it. It is an amazingly ambitious and thought out piece of music. Jorn is classy throughout but I prefer his melodies to be more straightforward. This is way complex vocally and catchiness sometimes gets lost. Just my opinion of course. 7.5/10 - whole album in case you need a reminder

Beyond Twilight - The Devil's Hall of Fame released also in 2001

Let's Go!

Hellfire - Starts off with the protagonist talking to a computer and then the track proper starts with a fanfare like build and then we're off on a slow burn. So slow..... I don't think I'm really gonna like this. I know the album of course but a replay might not work out. Jorn however sounds super grim hehe. Angry Jorn. The chorus is sorta ok. Production and sonics are superb I give it that much.

Godless and Wicked - Slight up in pace but angry Jorn is still around and angrier still. Nice touches here but it's hard going. Nice keys. gets much better when it gets proggy and faster. Little bit DT style towards the end.

Shadowland - A nice start with a slow melodic guitar line but then angry Jorn turns up and screams his way slowly through the start then suddenly the chorus calm Jorn turns up. Please stay happy Jorn! A nice building track. Best so far.

The Devil's Waltz - instrumental

Crying - This track is smooth as silk. Jorn sings amazing on this track. Woah what a lovely track this is. Fave so far by far. Call it an epic ballad if you will. The end gets a bit proggy and different. Great.

the Devil's Hall of Fame - Slow and plodding start but nice vocals from Jorn. Some raging angry vox again by our man. The song is scary! Like a sound track to a modern horror film. Jarring stabs of keys and guitar. Even some latin chanting. Enchanting but not something to play repeatedly.

Closing the Circle - A moody instrumental piece with piano.

Perfect Dark - This is the song I loved from before. And it still sounds amazing now. Jorn sounds bloody amazing on this track. The atmospheric music is truly haunting. This is one song when you just sit and get mesmerised by Mr angry Jorn!

So there we have it Beyond Twilight. A very interesting release. I don't love it all but it is spellbinding at times and again super different and ambitious. Not too many bands where doing this stuff at the time. Jorn got to cut loose on this release and sing from the bowels of hell itself. 7/10 - whole thing

I was supposed to do Brazen Abbot's album as I thought Jorn sang the whole thing but he's only on a couple of songs so that's out.

We move on to 2003 and the debut Masterplan album. This was the first time Jorn was singing music I could really support and love.

Spirit Never Die - What an awesome opener. Angry Jorn from Beyond Twilight is gone and replaced by a happier Jorn. The chorus is wonderful. The vibe is great. The riffs are so cool. What a joyous start. Haven't listened to this in probably 10 or more years.

Enlighten Me - This was the big single from the album if my memory serves me well. A more sedate and melodic pace. A lovely track. God Jorn sounds good. A godsend for us melodic metal fans that the power metal forces aligned to give birth to Masterplan.

Kind Hearted Light - Ramping up the pace with a jaunty little number. Jorn owning the airwaves with his powerful vocals. This one reminds me of some Gamma Ray tunes with that bouncy keyboard line.

Crystal Night - starts off slow and heavy with a thumping riff and Jorn gets to cut loose Dio style. Can imagine the little man himself singing this. A heavy grooving track, a change from the others.

Soulburn - Another burning heavy track as the title would suggest. Pretty good but I prefer jauntier happy tracks. This wouldn't be out of place on the Beyond Twilight album.

Heroes - Back to Gamma Ray/Helloween style. Lovely. These are the type of tracks that bring joy to my heart. Such beautiful melodies. Kiske makes an appearance here. A lovely gorgeous song.

Sail On - Another similar song to Heroes. I love that and I love this. Lovely track

Into the Light - I wish I had a pound for every track called Into The Light. I'd be rich! Anyway this is a stirring power ballad that builds well. A tasty solo.

Crawling From Hell - A famous track and single from this album. I remember hearing it for the first time and that opening riff shatters through the speakers at you like a ton of bricks and then Jorn goes friggin' mental! Fuck yeah! So much power and melody to die for. The chorus is epic too..but whoever came up with that riff is a friggin' genius!

Bleeding Eyes - oriental sounding epic tune. Listening now I don't even recall the song. It's like listening to a new song. This is a slow burning song. It's good but not my fave that's for sure. But every power metal album needs a slow burning epic and here is this album's.

When Love Comes Close - And we arrive at the last song on the album and it's a quiet start before the main riff plods into view. Again listening now I barely recall it but it sounds pretty cool indeed. Jorn sound like Coverdale here. This song would fit on any 'Snake album no sweat.

So there we have the debut album from Masterplan. Was like a breath of fresh air at the time. The first time Jorn is actually singing power metal and at the peak of his powers vocally being in his early 30s. No wonder people hold this debut in such high regard. Listening back now the album still sounds fresh although not every song is amazing to me. However it is a truly great power metal debut. 9/10 - whole thing

In 2004 Jorn went solo again and released Out To Every Nation

here we go...

Young Forever - A crunching typically Jorn opener. I believe he was working with the guitarist from Pagan's Mind of I'm not wrong. This song is heavy and then the chorus comes along and takes you on a tangent. Lovely thick and powerful. Woaah I love this. Good to hear it again!

Out To Every Nation - a western sounding melody opens the title track. Again magnificent. The chorus goes all melodic after the hard hitting start. An awesome tune.

Something Real - A similar track to the title track. Similar feel and pace. Pretty good but like more energy.

Living With Wolves - Opening keyboard is like " if you go down to the woods today..." lol. Then it slows down to crawl with choppy light riffs and Jorn sounding bloody great on top. the song lacks energy but it's really catchy and cool anyway. The second half of the song is bad ass!

Vision Eyes - Still holding back the pace and going for a sedate build again but the song has great flow and Jorn sounds so damn good.

One Day Will Put Out the Sun - Longest song on the album. A bit too drawn out for my taste and not really any memorable parts.

Behind The Clown - A quiet start and Jorn croons away. Not too much going on here.

Rock Spirit - A grinding riff starts things off with crowd noise. I guess a song celebrating rock music heroes hehe! Slight western flavour again in the riff. I like this track a lot. So catchy!

Through Day and Night - A moody and groovy riff blows this one out of its stupor. Jorn does his usual business over the top and the song meanders along before we get to a melodic chorus with a great riff in the back. A nice song and some great guitar licks.

When Angels Wings Were White - Whispered vocals to start and Jorn sings gently with keys joining in the background. Sounds like Jean Michel Jarre believe it or not! Halfway through a proggy guitar line final invades the air space and it still sounds cool as hell. The song has a cool relaxed vibe. I don't miss energy this time. Lovely track!

Big - the album ends with a regular catchy rock song about being "big" in the music scene. Nice groovy riffs, a cool tune.

So Out To Every Nation is overall a very cool album. Great vocals as always from Jorn and great guitarwork. Slightly proggy here and there and then grindingly heavy and moody. 8/10

Part 3 to come...

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