Re: Jorn Marathon Part 1

Author:The Surfing Alien
Date:2019-03-10 16:53:20
In Reply To:Jorn Marathon Part 1 by Pirage
Edge of The Blade - This is just a great track.
great track. It's a Journey cover . Better than original though and the guitar solo is wicked cool.
Jorn was busy in 2000. he sang on Millenium's Hourglass with now deceased Ralph Santolla.
I haven't listened to this album in ages. I remember not being very impressed with the songs though. Millenium's best of compilation has a bunch of Jorn songs that either didn't make the cut or were intended for another album. They are better than the album tracks though! crazy. wait for the phenomenal guitar solo from the late great Ralph Santolla

Worldchanger - the title track is a thiong of majestic beauty. A sweet opening riff and Jorn then croons away until that wide open chorus. Wow!
great song!
Bridges Will Burn -
his best song IMO. an album full of tracks like this would be an all time classic.
By the way I'm not including his many covers albums and vocal appearances or duet albums with Allen Lande. Only albums with Jorn as lead vocalist.
hah, the covers albums are really his best work though :)

Nice overview. some stuff for me to look into :)
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