Re: New Tunes Saturday!

Date:2019-03-09 22:44:22
In Reply To:Re: New Tunes Saturday! by Nosferatwo
New Voyager. Was posted on the other side to muted response as usual aka no one gave a fuck hehe. But anyway it's less metallic though it gets a bit djenty towards the end but even more melodic than usual with these guys. The vocal melodies are super shiny and pristine and fill your ears candy.
Hmm... I listened to it, and I didn't think the vocals were catchy or interesting at all. Sounded awkward to me, and not like something I would want to listen to again.
You're dissing Daniel's vocals? The guy should be right up your street being a total pop voice. I can never work you out. SMH.
And here's one to keep our friendly resident non-metalhead happy. Soen released a video for Covenant. In fact this song has now grown on me. And I may also add that I initially rated the album at 6.5 but I think I may have to increase it a full point to 7.5/10 so Nos your constant plugging has mesmerised me at last dude!
That song's rather awesome.
It's pretty good yes maybe not awesome quite yet. But the album is improving with plays, but I still don't really play it often apart from queueing up my fave tracks, which now include Covenant.

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