Jorn Marathon Part 1

Date:2019-03-09 22:08:44
Following on from my JLT listening session and in celebration of Jorn's 50th I am doing a monster Jorn marathon.

I am listening to every album he ever sang full lead vocals on. This is going to take some time so we start with 6 albums tonight.

We start with Vagabond from 1994. Here we go. I have never heard a note of Vagabond I should add.

Thunderblunder starts things off. I can hardly recognise Jorn. He doesn't really sound like himself. This song has a slight funk flavour. Not my thing. Next up is Key to The Rainbow. This track Jorn is more recognisable. He sounds smooth. The song is slow and sparse. The vibe is prog rockish. The song speeds up a bit later.

Do You Like It? follows. More quirky weirdness. 0 from 3.

Gold In the Air is quiet jazz and 8 minutes of it. 0 from 4

I Believe in Wonders follows and sounds like funky 80s pop/prog with a slight Beatles flavour. Nice keyboards and quirky style. Possibly first song I sort of like. - I Believe in Wonders follows

Silent Woman Shiela - pass. Light jazz/pop

Automatic - jazz funk rock. Not bad. Jorn gets to cut loose vocally. Really going through his full repertoire.

Let Go, Let Go follows and is similar to the other tracks but with a bit more pace. Chorus is ok not great.

Mrs Hippie Blues. Slow blues. Nice play on words on the title but pass.

We Bring the Sun To You - A groovy slow riff. Chrous is ok but song too weird and plodding.

Better Ask Yourself - This is the first song with a catchy chorus and keyboard line and a sweet guitar line although the solo is too screamy. Best song on the album.

Kick Big Pigs is the last track and is just over 7 minutes long. It's a real dirgy slog.

SO the debut Vagabond is just weird. Not my cuppa at all. Ambitious yes and cult no doubt but no pleasure to be gained here. 2/10

The second Vagabond album was released a year later in 1995 and is called A Huge Fan Of Life.

Startrip Overload starts in energetic form and once again I can barely recognise Jorn. He sounds really quirky and madcap. This song however is much better than anything on the debut.

Give From Yourself - Jorn doing his madcap vocals again. A weird song, not so good.

Jammin' in Heaven has a nagging groove but is pretty mental lyrically. Next

Angels Serenade - Jorn sound great on this track. Not much music going on. Just vocals and light keys. Beautiful. Don't think he can sing like this any more.

City Inbetween - follows and is another pleasant relaxed song with some nice proggy sections. Bells remind me of Pink Floyd

Good Neighbours is a decent little quirky tune. "Dealer" follows with a funky guitar line and madcap vocals. But goes nowhere really.

It's A Lullaby is next and it's a beautifully relaxed tune

Follow Me - next up this wonderfully melodic little song. A cool and super melodic feel. Probably my fave Vagabond so far.

Ding Dingaling - is a funny track. Like Status Quo slowed down. But not good.

Baby I Love You closes this album out in a decent way. Slightly funky guitar and bass but with a reggae feel. Not bad and a cool feel with Jorn cutting loose a bit.

This album is really eclectic. A really different listen and far better than the debut. 6/10

In 98 he released an album with The Snakes called Once Bitten Outtakes. I have no idea about this apart from it obviously being a Whitesnake copy band.

Labour of Love is typical song with Jorn sounding more like he does now.

Can't Go Back is a wonderful Coverdale impression. Is This Love style but heavier. Great track.

What Love Can Do - More typical fare. Jorn sounds amazing. Cov must have been sick when he heard this stuff, since Jorn sounds miles better than him lol. Mind you this is 20 years ago. A lovely song.

Real Faith - A sweet song. Snake fans will lap it up.

The Dancer(The Liar) is a heavy rocking track and Jorn cuts loose.

Gonna Find The Sun - Is a throwaway track.

Little Miss Happiness - A jaunty rock n roll track. Not my thing.

Bring Yo Good Self - More rock n blues. Status Quo style. Not bad

Showdown - A soft and gentle ballad

Sacrificial Feelings - A heavy guitar riff leading to a blues groove. Not bad at all. Reminds me of I Love Rock N Roll by Joan Jett a bit but more earthy and less poppy.

Tough Love - SOunds a bit ZZ Toppy/Def Leppardy. Great tune!

All Dressed Up is a bonus track. Strangely sounds like ACDC hehe.

September Tears is the final bonus track and it's a decent ballad.

Some really great tracks on this wow. I could defo recommend this if you wanna hear some prime time Whitesnake. 7.5/10

In 2000 Jorn released Starfire, his first solo album.

Starfire - The title cut starts off in sedate fashion before the chorus gets bigger. Jorn sounds very good indeed. A lush opener.

Edge of The Blade - This is just a great track. I remember it at the time and it's good to hear it again. Lovely 70s keys. Great bababaraba ad libs from Jorn.

Break It Up is an 80s sounding AOR tune. Very good. Like Survivor.

Forever Yours - Slushy ballad

The Day The Earth Caught Fire - is a cover from Cityboy. It's actually a fantastic song from the late 70s. Very decent cover.

Gates of Fire - A ripper of a track. A bit raw in fact.

Burn - Purple cover done justice to.

End Come Easy - a weird track. Not my thing

Just the Same - Not bad but a bit weird. Not really mything.

Albums end with Abyss of Evil, a jarring heavy and slow track and a kind of tribute to metal and rock. Signs of Jorn's heavier Dio style songs to come. This song is really good.

The album is mostly good but has 2 covers and a couple of fillers plus the production is a bit too raw. still 7/10 on his first solo outing.

Jorn was busy in 2000. he sang on Millenium's Hourglass with now deceased Ralph Santolla.

Power To Love is an energetic opener but unfotunately the production is really muddy. The song itself is only ok.

Wheels Are Turning is like WHitesnake revved up. Jorn belts it hard. The song is nice and jerky. Ralph's guita is nice but sound production is awful.

Hourglass - The title track is a slow burner. Nice sections with very ambitious arrangements. Sound quality again not good.

No More Miracles - Ballad. very lush. Jorn sounds amazing.

Superstar - Classic Boston like riff from Ralph. Great song.

Rocket Ride sounds a bit like Queen song and is not bad. Lots of harmony vocals.

I Will Follow is a lush ballad. Not my thing and so is I Still Believe though it has a decent riff.

Masquerade is an ok tune but the guitar sound almost makes it unlistenable.

Album closes with Chasing Time which is a very nice mid tempo song and sung brilliantly by Jorn.

I wish the album was properly produced. It sounds terrible. The songs are really mostly good. 7/10

And to the end of the Jorn marathon pt 1. The 6th album released in 2001 and his second solo disk Worldchanger

Tungur Knivur is heavy as lead. Doomy as hell and very Sabbath inspired. The production is superb. I love this chorus. So much power.

Sunset Station - going for heavy hard rock now and not so much metal like the opener. The sped up chorus is absoluet bliss.

Glow In The Dark - Back to heaviness. Sad But True style riff and crooning Jorn.

House of Cards - A brooding ballad. Not a fave of mine

Bless the Child - Zakk Wylde style riffing and squealing before speeding right up. The chorus strips it all back and sounds almost Beatlesish.

Captured - A moody quiet song. Doesn't do too much for me.

Worldchanger - the title track is a thiong of majestic beauty. A sweet opening riff and Jorn then croons away until that wide open chorus. Wow!

Christine - I love this track. A lovely big happy and cool vibe. Songs with girl's name as titles always work well in rock and AOR.

Bridges Will Burn - closes on a brooding and heavy note. The happy lightness of Christine is gone but the song has a nice feel. Moody and melodic.

A very good album and much better than Starfire. 8/10

By the way I'm not including his many covers albums and vocal appearances or duet albums with Allen Lande. Only albums with Jorn as lead vocalist.

The albums that are next in the pipeline in this marathon:

Part 2
Ark - Burn The Sun 2001
Beyond Twilight - The Devil's Hall Of Fame 2001
Brazen Abbot - Guilty As Sin 2003
Masterpland - st 2003
Jorn - Out to Every Nation 2004
Masterpland - Aeronautics 2005

Part 3
Jorn - The Duke 2006
Jorn with Ken Hensley - Blood on the Highway 2007
Jorn - Lonely Are The Brave 2008
Jorn Spirit Black 2009
Masterplan - Time To Be King 2010

Part 4
Jorn - Bring Heavy Rock To The Land 2012
Jorn - Traveller 2013
Holter/Lande - Dracula, Swing of Death 2015
Jorn - Heavy Rock Radio 2016
Jorn - Life On Death Road 2017

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