Re: New Tunes Saturday!

Date:2019-03-09 13:29:14
In Reply To:New Tunes Saturday! by Pirage
New Voyager. Was posted on the other side to muted response as usual aka no one gave a fuck hehe. But anyway it's less metallic though it gets a bit djenty towards the end but even more melodic than usual with these guys. The vocal melodies are super shiny and pristine and fill your ears candy.
Hmm... I listened to it, and I didn't think the vocals were catchy or interesting at all. Sounded awkward to me, and not like something I would want to listen to again.
And here's one to keep our friendly resident non-metalhead happy. Soen released a video for Covenant. In fact this song has now grown on me. And I may also add that I initially rated the album at 6.5 but I think I may have to increase it a full point to 7.5/10 so Nos your constant plugging has mesmerised me at last dude!
That song's rather awesome.
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