New Tunes Saturday!

Date:2019-03-09 10:31:21
Morning peeps, It's a bit gloomy outside and the early spring we had last week is history. Time for a few vids to check out anyway..!

New Voyager. Was posted on the other side to muted response as usual aka no one gave a fuck hehe. But anyway it's less metallic though it gets a bit djenty towards the end but even more melodic than usual with these guys. The vocal melodies are super shiny and pristine and fill your ears candy.

Germans Paragon are back. They are SO German sounding it's funny lol. I always liked these guys but they are very underrated by the power metal millions, did I just say millions? lol. Basically the son of Iron Savior and Grave Digger.

Second vid from the new album Shehili out in May. Typical fare from Myrath. OTT artistry and imagery with lush and dramatic music. These guys make me forget about today's world and dream of another time in history altogether. Nice dreamy chorus.

Restless Spirits - A Frontiers project with the guitarist from Lords of Black and a few singers. This lead single is absolutely fantastic. Sounds totally different than Hernando's dayjob in LoB. THe singer on this track is awesome. Looking forward to this project. Hope it turns out great. Hyped for it.

First Signal is back with Harry Hess and Daniel Flores. AOR melodic rock fans only need apply. The chorus is really catchy. However the song is pretty generic to say the least but Mr Flores is one of those guys who gets used a hell of a lot by Frontiers but I love most of his stuff. No doubt I'll love this album too, but it won't beat Find Me or Toby Hitchcock, I doubt that can happen.

New Hardline Vid. Sounds like classic Hardline to me of the first album. Great, tasty guitar stabs ala Def Leppard. Johnny sounding amazing. All over it like a bad rash.

Not many know Frenchies Qantice but they are a very pleasant toe tapping melodic power metal band. Royal Hunt vibes. New song sounds pretty happy and cool.

Savage Messiah with a new single for forthcoming album. Sounds really good with a big melodic chorus. Not thrashy in the chorus at all but like normal melodic metal. Hyped for this even though they got my old account banned from youtube lol!

Lions's Share with a new energetic tune. Nos bro you're gonna have an epileptic fit when our old mate NPJ his mouth and rasps his way to glory! The song really is good though. I'm screaming " Something Wild! Chain Child!" already...

And here's one to keep our friendly resident non-metalhead happy. Soen released a video for Covenant. In fact this song has now grown on me. And I may also add that I initially rated the album at 6.5 but I think I may have to increase it a full point to 7.5/10 so Nos your constant plugging has mesmerised me at last dude!

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