Re: Avalanch - The Secret

Date:2019-03-06 15:48:48
In Reply To:Avalanch - The Secret by Guillaume
There is absolutely no talk about this new album by the veteran metallers from Spain.
Didn't know it was out. Now that I've heard it...I wouldn't have been talking about it anyway, most likely.
They have a new singer, Israel Ramos, that is much cleaner than the previous dude I remember (Victor Garcia, now in Warcry).
I like the older guy more.
The Secret is some excellent melodic power/prog metal stuff IMO, the production is powerful and Avalanch should get more recognition.
I liked what I've heard of their older stuff(El Angel Caido is one of the first foreign language albums I ever bought), but this new stuff just doesn't hook me. Vocals are a bit less appealing(new guy doesn't suck or anything but Victor is more my style), and musically, I prefer them more as a straight power metal act rather than this.

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