Re: Avalanch - The Secret

Date:2019-03-05 19:11:07
In Reply To:Avalanch - The Secret by Guillaume
There is absolutely no talk about this new album by the veteran metallers from Spain.

They have powerhouse Mike Terrana on drums since a few years and also now release their albums both in Spanish and in English. Dirk Schlater (Gamma Ray) is now the bassist. They have a new singer, Israel Ramos, that is much cleaner than the previous dude I remember (Victor Garcia, now in Warcry).
The Secret is some excellent melodic power/prog metal stuff IMO, the production is powerful and Avalanch should get more recognition.

Check it out:

The Oracle


Spanish version of The Oracle

I heard the Spanish version of The Oracle and canned it. I don't like foreign vocals these days. I didn't know this album was sung in English. Sounds much better though not amazing. I'll give it a shot defo.

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