Re: A Question About Ratings

Date:2019-03-05 18:20:56
Edited:2019-03-05 18:22:57
In Reply To:Re: A Question About Ratings by John Frank
I was thinking about this, since I get accused of being way too negative (even though, by numbers, I think Pirage is the only one here (including the PM:X2 side) who names more albums he likes in a given year).
As far as PMX goes, in addition to Pirage, Guillaume, Scott B, and I end up digging more albums than you do. But yeah, most members of this community do not get into a ton of new music.
As per my Foobar player, here are the number of new albums per year I've played at least once since 2010:

2010: 245
2011: 336
2012: 375
2013: 396
2014: 402
2015: 350
2016: 316
2017: 343
2018: 304
2019 (so far): 53

2012-2014 were a bit overkill. I think around 300 is more than enough. And still overkill for 99.9999% of the general population! :)

I usually end up enjoying around 80-90 of these albums per year (that will still get listens in the future). And probably around 25 I really like.
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