A Question About Ratings

Date:2019-03-04 18:33:36
I was thinking about this, since I get accused of being way too negative (even though, by numbers, I think Pirage is the only one here (including the PM:X2 side) who names more albums he likes in a given year).

I haven't used a ratings system in a long time, so I started thinking about all the records I've been listening to this year, and in recent times, and I wondered how my allocation compares to everyone else.

The question of the day is this; Whether you use a 10/10 scale, or five stars (which is why I gravitated towards), how many perfect scores would you have given out over the last ___ years?

Myself, I can't even reach a handful. I'll reach back to 2012, since that was the last absolute five-star album for me came out. Since then, there are perhaps three albums I would have given a perfect score, and that includes all of my Album Of The Year winners. I used to give five stars to Transatlantic's "Kaleidoscope", but I'm tempted to lower than a fraction. I will go the full five on the "Dracula" album, and I'm leaning towards it for the new Soen album. I wouldn't even give the full five to "Lykaia", since one of my favorite songs was technically listed as a bonus track, and it feels incomplete without it (and another great one was left for an iTunes bonus - boo!).

How about you guys?
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