Joe Lynn Turner Solo Albums

Date:2019-03-02 22:52:31
I don't know Mr JLT and his solo discography well at all. I know his recent stint in Sunstorm very well and I know his Rainbow?Purple stuff. Well when I say "know" but that's pushing it. I know the hits but I guess most people know that stuff. However this thread is all about his his solo albums or projects rather than when he was fronting bands like Rainbow and Purple.

Starting with Rescue You from 1985 and I've never heard this album. This came out at the height of 80s AOR. It sounds bloody great to be honest. Everyone knows I love my AOR right? Well this sounds so good. JLT must have been early 30s when this came out. His voice sounds in absolute tip top shape. He sounds like silk. He's not got much grit at all yet he is still obviously a rock singer. In other words he's not trying too hard to impress.

A couple of the songs sound very close To Foreigner who were going absolutely stratospheric with those "2 hits" you know the ones. JLT could've been huge with a couple of songs but I guess luck wasn't on his side. The production on this thing was SO 80s. Keyboard stabs like Yes's Owner of a Lonely Heart all over the place especially on the title track Rescue You which has huge hit potential. This is the type of material you could find all over 80s film sound tracks.

The middle of the album gets a bit samey with that same beat in most of the songs. Joe himself sounds amazing. Like I said he's at his peak here probably as a singer. I love the song On The Run towards the end. So catchy!

Overall his debut solo album is super classy and it's my first time hearing it. A very 80s sounding album with the production techniques straight from 1985. Like time travelling this album! 8/10 - full album

His next solo album is not till 1995 with Nothing's Changed. He must have been in a band in the mean time right? Mother's something or other. So it's 1995 and I'm expecting a different kind of album. The album opens with Promise of Love and straightaway you can tell JLT is 10 years older. His voice is much more husky sounding. Sounds like he's been puffing on a few cigs in those 10 years! The sound has also changed to a more classic rock and bluesy feel with much more weight behind the song. The keyboard stabs from the 80s are history too. So plenty's changed since 85 so I'm not sure what JLT's getting at hehe. - Promise Of Love

Second song is full of acoustics and crooning. Not my thing. Bag Blood follows with a strong blues feel. Joe sounds very good on this track. A nice track. Imagination is a slow burner with more slick crooning. The AOR is replaced by introspection though it is very classy. Lovely production too. Baby's Got A Habit adds some honky tonk piano before settling to a staedy catchy rock song. The songs sounds like Free or Bad Company. The album continues with gentle clean melodic rock. Pleasant but not my thing. Nothing's Changed the title track sounds like Bryan Adams. If he had sung this it'd probably be a monster hit. Albums ends with more bluesy balladeering. Final track Knock Knock is one of the best on this lackluster album. More blues rock with honky tonk piano but more energetic. Just a 5/10 for this one

In 97 he released an album called Under Cover. I don't recognise any of the covers though. I think it's probably some kind of homage to his influences as a musician. The Hush cover is ok but it's not a Purple song I like. the Cream cover Sunshine of Your Love is quite cool.

In 1998 he released an album called Hurry Up And Wait. This album is so much better than Nothing's Changed in every way. The overtly blues balladeering is mostly gone. This sounds like Survivor a lot. Joe's voice is more raspy but still clean as well when it needs to be. The guitars take a backseat to Joe's vocals in the mix. He sounds loud proud and centre stage. Lovely production on this album too with a very cool bass presence. Guilty Heart sees Joe really belting one out. Great grooving song this one. Days of Rage is another shouty tune. A bit rough this one. - Guilty Heart

Game of Rock 'n' Roll goes the stomping route with a quick chorus. This track is infused with the Southern rock scene of the 70s and 80s. No Room For Love sees JLT giving a big nod to Purple with a little bit of Hammond organ and a slow burning feel.

The songs are pretty samey towards the end of the album with Sentimental and Too Much Is Not Enough sounding the same tempo wise though the latter has a horn section. Blueprint for The Blues is pure blues as the title suggests. Not my thing. The album continues with Can't Face Another Night. A superbly sung ballad from Joe. Joe does slush well. Someday is a nice track to end with. A nice album but still not really my thing but ok. 6.5/10

Next Joe released Under Cover 2. His next set of covers. Much better than the first set. More energetic and better song choices. I don't know who sang the original of Wishing Well but it's a great song. A heavy cover of helter Skelter is pretty cool. UFO's Rock Bottom follows and slows down the pace from the original cover. A different take making the song more bluesy. - Wishing Well cover

Then our old mate Joe has a go at Foreigner's Waiting For A Girl Like You. I think I like his version more than Lou Gramm's lol. The song doesn't sound that slushy when Joe does it. I mean Lou is amazing but Joe is also amazing.

I like the cover of Rock and Roll Hoochie Koo though(I'm shaming myself now) I've never ever heard the original song. Great rock groove and swagger in that tune.

The Boys Are Back In Town loses Phil's character even though I've always loved the song and Joe can't spoil it. Born To Be Wild follows and suits Joe down to the ground. Great cover.

Next follows Fool For Your Loving from the Snake and again it suits Joe down to the ground with it's swaggering groove.

The albums ends with 2 more covers of decent quality. I enjoyed this covers album much more than the first album. 7/10

In 2000 at the turn of the century JLT went holy on us and released Holy Man. The albums starts off with the jagged and pacy No Salvation. Very Purplesque this track with sharp Hammond too. Joe's voice is sounding older still. Harder edged and gravelly but still killer. - No Salvation

The album continues with the title track Holy Man and settles into a groove and lets Joe do his stuff over the top of that simple riff. The songs is boring unfortunately. "Anything" follows and is balladeering. Not my cuppa. Honest Crime is blues. Pass. Wolves At The Door is more lilting blues. Angie is a ballad. Pass. Something New follows and has a blues funk feel with a little r'n'b flavour too. By this point I've realised this is a full on blues rock album. Love IS Blind sounds like ZZ Top a bit.

Midnight In Tokyo is a nice upbeat number. One of the better tracks here. Babylon has a sweet guitar riff running throughout. Gret grooves. Little bit prog. Joe sings great. Closer is not my thing being slow and boring. - Babylon

The albums ends with Too Blue To SIng the Blues. Not bad but not my thing. A few good songs overall but not my thing. if you love Blues you'll love it. 6/10

Just a year later in 2001, the prolific Mr Turner released Slam! and I guess it's just a continuation of Holy Man. Amped up blues rock and heavy crooning and edgy when needed. The speedy Bloodsucker opens things off in Purple mode. Eye For An Eye burns slowly and builds to a powerful chorus. Not bad.

Deliver Me has a swaggering bass line and groovy riff throughout. Nice feel and pace. Joe asking to be "Delivered" during the chorus hehe!

Heart of The Night is a slushy ballad that JLT can do in his sleep. Title track Slam follows and has a corking riff pounding away before the songs settles down to quiet verses. The song buuilds and gets heavy when that killer riff returns with Joe screaming "Slam! Bring the hammer down! Slam! There'll be nobody left around!" The song is about a meteor striking earth and killing us all off. You know the "end of the earth" was all the rage around the time. Dodgy lyrics aside the song rules.

Dark Days follows and is another corking speedy Purplesque tune. More dodgy lyrics about desparate times and having to say prayers to survive hehe. Alright Joe we all made it bro. Great song and powerful chorus mate! The solo is killer in this tune too. Not sure who the guitarist was on this album but he's great. - Dark Days

Possession follows and is a plaintive blues song with a heavy and pounding chorus. Quite doomy sounding track. Sabbath influenced a bit. The chorus however is simple and boring.

Show Yourself follows and changes the pace as expected with a blues lick but another great swaggering riff and Joe sounding his crooning best. The chorus is simple but catchy. Cover Up is energetic and pacy and reminds me of zz Top again. The main riff is killer. Jaunty and upbeat. "Hard Time" is not a track I liked and I had a hard time with it cringe..

"Evil" follows and has another swaggering riff. Talking about an evil women naturally. Nice dramatic tune with a nice keyboard touch. I can imagine Dio singing this song. This song would fit well on any Dio Fronted Sabbath album. Great leadbreak too.

The album ends with Always Tomorrow which is another bluesy riffed affair but it's pretty cool with a super lush chorus. Overall I liked Slam! much more than its predecessor. 7.5/10

Just a year later in 2002 our old mate Joe joined forces with Mr Hughes in HTP or Hughes Turner Project. I've never heard a note of these albums or if I have it's been an eternity and I have no clue.
The album opens with a monster song Devil's Road. What a tune this is. Glenn and Joe sound amazing but to me it feels like Glenn overpowers Joe a little bit in the mix. I can hear Glenn louder when they sing together and I can't hear Joe well. The song is absolute magic. Overdriven Hammond and even some honky tonk piano. - Devil's Road

You Can't Stop Rock n' Roll follows with a thick nagging riff that soon settles down with Joe taking lead. That thick grooving hammers behind the simple chorus. Again a very good song but not as good as the opener. the album soon picks up pace again. Missed You Again is great. Then slow for balladeering. Pass on that chaps. Sister Midnight follows with a blues and funk feel. Not my fave.

Better Man sees a heavy funk vibe again. Nice groove and Mr Hughes cuts loose with his blues croon. A lush section in the middle with vocal harmonies. 2 slow ballads next. Well done but not for me.

Ride The Storm ups the ante somewhat with an OTT riff and drum attack. Joe gets to cut loose this time and Glenn joins in on the simple chorus. A nice speedy track with a shred section towards the end. RUn Run Run continues the energy but I've heard better. the chorus is boring. The album closes with On the Ledge which at over 7 minutes is quite an epic. Glenn owns this track. Really screamings his guts out but with some wonderfully grand and quiet sections. Very cool end.

Overall I would say this album is very good but has aspects which are not my cuppa. 7.5/10

Joe continued with the prolific run of an album per year with the HTP 2 album in 2003. The HTP 2 albums kicks off with the jagged Revelation. Sharp angular riffs and hard edged vocals from the chaps. I think it sounds like they were going for a more modern approach. It sounds a bit more contemporary. Quite an angry track. - Revelation

Alone I breathe follows and is quite grungy and dirty sounding with a thick bass sound. Not a huge fave for me this style but it has melody I can't deny.

Losing My Head is heavy and modern. Total departure. Grooving and dirty. Probably what was popular at the time. The chorus is actually very melodic.

Next few songs are heavy and groovy. This album isa departure from HTP 1. Hold On has a nice tight bass and guitar riff line and absolutely killer drums. But vocally the song does nothing for me.

They drop in an old school ballad for their old fans a bit later on the album.

Back to heavy grooving and crooning towards the end of the album. "Sofia" has a typical HTP style nagging riff and groove.

Albums ends on a poor note with a rambling blues groove. This album is not my thing. Too many modern influences creeping in from the stoner scene groove scene. 4.5/10

But 2003 hasn't the last of our old mate Joe. He also managed to release a solo album simply titled JLT. It starts with In Cold Blood which has a tasty lick and groove more in line with classic JLT. Tasty track lads! Forget about HTP 2. Play this.. - In Cold Blood

Jump Start follows and has has one of those Southern rock riffs that is very cool but not overly my thing. Not bad but not great after the excitable opener.

Dirty Deal has a similar thumping riff. The chorus on this one is more memorable but a bit too bluesy in feel for me.

A shmaltzy ballad follows. Pass the sick bag.

"Excess" is a power ballad that doesn't quite work. "Let's Go" is an almost rapped track. Not good Joe!

Cryin' Out Loud doesn't do much for me. Blues ballad.

Fantasize is the first track I've like since the first track on this album. A more classic 80s AOR feel. Great lead in the middle. - Fantasize

A ballad follows, yuck. Drivin' With My Eyes Closed ups the pace with that typical JLT swagger. Not bad but we've heard it all before and better.

Hit The Switch sounds like it's a leftover from HTP 2. Heavy and groovy.

Overall the album has one or two good tracks but fails to win me over. 5.5/10

Joe took a break IN 2004, but came back 2005 with Michael Men Project and the Made In Moscow album. I have absolutely no idea about this album but it's an album with Mr Hughes again. Why the name change I have no idea.

The album starts off with Arianna and is much different than HTP 2. It's more like classic 70s rock. There is a weird guitar sound thing going on but the vibe is pure 70s. A pretty nice track to start. - Arianna

the next track is Let The Fire Rage and Glenn opens the album and doesn't soudn good at all. The production on this album is weird. The guitar sounds distant and dirty. This song is funk. Pass.

Warrior of the World is up next and is more 70s weirdness with some 70s synth effects. Strange.

Forgive Her has a distorted groovy riff that sounds like one of tghese modern prog bands and then it goes reggae! Weird lol. I actually don't mind this. Not great but I listened.

On Your Marks is different again and wacky. Nice choppy riffs. Oddballs.

I'm Alive follows with another of those dirty groove lines. Weirdos! "Old friend" sounds like The Beatles when they went wacky.

By Circus Life they've lost their marbles by and are just making random songs. Final song The Alchemist is upbeat and reminds me of some 70s prog bands.

This album is out there. I pretty much find it unlistenable but it sure is ambitious. 4/10

I guess Joe had to appease his fans somehow so in 2005 released a regular JLT solo album called The Usual Suspects. It opens with a classic JLT mid tempo tune called Power of Love. Joe loves a cracking start to an album doesn't he? Let's see if he can keep it up on this album. - Power of Love

Devil's Door follows with a corking riff. Killer groove and bounce and then Joe croons over the verse. The chorus is superb and bice dramatic keys. This songs is great. 2 for 2 Joe. - Devil's Door

Jack Knife sees Joe doing his Purple impression that he can do blindfold. A cool tune but we've heard it all before Joe.

Really Loved comes along and of course it's a plaintive ballad. Nicely sung but we move on.

Rest Of My Life starts with a nodding riff and groove before we settle for a moody verse. Power ballad? sounds a bit like that. The build to the chorus is a bit slushy. I was hoping for more. It's nice but a bit slushy Foreigner. Rock Joe, Rock!

Into The Fire has a nice Def Leppard style riff. The proudction on this album is a bit disappointing. It sould be crisper and sharper. Guitar sounds wooly. This songs however brings us a great chorus. Sweet stuff Joe.

Blood Money more Def Leppard style swagger. A ncie chorus. Joe sounds great. "All Alone" is a power ballad. Not my thing. - Blood Money

Ball and Chain has that jagged blues groove. Not bad but not great.

Live and Love Again. I'm out. Sick bag time.

Album ends with Unfinished Bizness and we've heard it all before. he can write these pumped Puplesque numbers in his sleep.

I like some songs a lot on this but it's just aptly titled The Usual Suspects. Same ol same ol Joe. 6.5/10

In 2006 Joe teamed up with Akira Kajimaya for an album called Fire Without Flame. Forgive me for not looking up but I guess Akira is the guitarist in Loudness or ANthem or one of those classic Jap rock bands right? Anyway the album opens with One Day Away and it's typical fair. The guitar sound is a bit muffled. It should be crisper but Joe sounds good. Another good opener. Keep it up Joe?

The title track follows and sounds like classic Impellitteri mixed with Purple. Same tempo. I wish tghe guitar had a better production instead of sounding raw. I love this song though. Super catchy. 2 for 2 Joe.

Survival is next and no ballad...yet. A nicely energetic track and tasty riffed track. This Akira fellow knows a few licks eh. Joe not trying too hard either keeping pace well with that Akira chap. Chorus a bit average but song is just lush.

Heart Against Heart follows with a heart melting start. Ballad possible coming up but the track is nearly 7 minutes long we'll see. Pretty much a ballad. Just too long. The solo is very skilful though.

End of the Line ramps up the speed with another neck breaker. Great tune with energy to spare.

The middle of the album gets into a slight lull with slower bluesy tracks.

Looking for Trouble gets the blood pumping again but JLT does these tracks like this in his sleep.

Down and Dirty is no different. Just a normal jaunty blues rock track.

License to Kill is a typical swaggering track. Not bad.

The album ends with Slow Burn. Once again our old mucker Joe is in familiar territory. Over-driven guitar and Hammond. Great drum fills on this one. A great shred solo at the end too.Slow Burn Joe or just Burn? lol!

A nice album overall at about 7.5/10

Here endeth this journey into Mr JLT's solo album career. After this he joined up with the Frontiers project band Sunstorm and actually mostly moved away from his roots to modern melodic rock/AOR. . A good move actually as the repetition on the solo albums was getting a bit much. He still sounds great on the recent Sunstorm album but I don't know if we've seen the last of the man with the most obvious wig in rock. He probably released his most famous stuff with either rainbow or Purple but his solo stuff was not bad if very derivative of his days fronting bands. Get well soon Joe. Let's hope you can still sing again in the future.

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