Re: Darkwater

Date:2019-03-02 22:38:24
Edited:2019-03-05 20:18:51
In Reply To:Darkwater by Pirage
Friggin' hell! What a listen...what the hell just happened. Magical noises poured down my earholes. Lush and majestic metallic landscapes refreshed my brain cells. This really is a captivating listen. It sounds like Kamelot at times but with much more going on. Sounds wash over you and take you on a journey of metallic goodness. This release brings nothing but joy and the thing is not the kind of prog where you have to try too hard. From the first listen you'll be entranced and wonder where it's going next. I'll look forward to many plays of this for the rest of the month.
I like this one quite a bit too. Prog metal starts great this year with this and new DT. New QR fits the description too.

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