Re: Another new Battle Beast song:

Date:2019-03-01 20:53:18
In Reply To:Another new Battle Beast song: by Nosferatwo

Neither of their tracks sound as good as the best stuff from Beast In Black's record, but she is worlds better as a singer. If only the band hadn't split up...
Don't agree. Both bands are very good and can co-exist. I agree that Noora is the better singer but I don't hate the Greek fellow like you do. We've already had this convo but I like the guy. He's OTT but it's all part of the 80s band's shtick to be cheesy and girly one sec and then ball busting the next. As for the new song, Eden, it's very good as expected. It's a little softer than Beast in Black to me which has a thicker guitar sound, but the song is very melodic. It will be different than BiB and but both can win the hearts of the previous band. BTW I notice Noora is using more of her softer voice so far. I'd actually prefer it if she went more Female Dio like on Black Ninja in the old days.

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