Re: Feb Roundup

Date:2019-02-28 12:58:13
In Reply To:Re: Feb Roundup by The Surfing Alien

Avantasia - Moonglow
I was impressed enough to go back and listen to previous Avantasia albums. Good stuff. Sometimes it slips into a cringy overly sweet Euro formula, but not too much. Jorn sounds so good here. I wish he did a whole album with Tobi writing.
Yep Jorn sounds amazing on this album. I don't really cringe at Euro style, I embrace it hehe, I love that shit.
Find Me - Angels In Blue
Just starting to listen. Last album was great.i was a bit let down by Hitcock album so hoping for more here.
I don't know why that Hitchcock album didn't hit you. I can listen to that fellow sing all day and night. You're quite picky when it comes to AOR.
Mortanius - Till Death Do Us Part
This was interesting, especially coming from America.
Yea you don't get many American bands that sound like that.
Blindman - Reach For The Sky
Damn this singer is good. Reminds of Vow Wow guy.
This album is really good and it's the singer that seals the deal. I don't normally like too much Hammond organ but I can stomach it easily in this album.
Last in Line - II - Good vocals but boring songs. 4/10
I give it more than that but yeah, songs not as amazing as first album . Still one of the best albums recently IMHO
Yea I didn't like the debut either hehe.

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