Re: Thoughts on upcoming albums (Bloodbound & A New Revenge)

Date:2019-02-27 19:25:20
Edited:2019-02-27 19:25:53
In Reply To:Re: Thoughts on upcoming albums (Bloodbound & A New Revenge) by Pirage
I'll say one thing though bashing a power metal band for being derivative of some other band, to me is a worthless argument for why something sucks.
If their entire career was a continuation of their Maiden worshiping debut, I would agree with you. If that's who they are and what they sound like, so be it. I've never been one to say everything needs to be original.

But where Bloodbound gets me is that they shamelessly keep changing their sound, and changing it to sound a lot like other bands. I don't hear anything in these records that is truly them, and I don't hear it as natural growth. It sounds to me like them basically being a tribute band to someone else with each record.

It's a philosophical thing. I don't know why I should respect a band that is always play-acting as someone else. This makes eight(?) records, and I don't have a damn clue who Bloodbound really are. And all of that is said in light of me loving the two albums with Urban, even though they suffer from the same flaw (although I didn't know it would be a trend at the time - I stupidly thought "Tabula Rasa" might have been a new thread or power metal they would pioneer).
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