LILIAC, impressive new young band

Date:2019-02-27 18:08:18
Liliac is a band of 3 brothers and 2 sisters, the Cristeas, who are between 10 and 18 years old. Their father is their manager and producer, the mother is involved as well. They are really good at their instruments already IMO and the bassist/singer has a particularly killer ballsy voice.

From their website:
Florin and Nineta Cristea, as kids growing up in Romania and coming from a very religious background, the odds being the parents of a heavy metal band living in Los Angeles are astronomical. Twenty years and five kids later, the dream/nightmare continues...

Forever branded as the black sheep of their family and church, they have dedicated their lives to their kids and their musical dreams.

Dio - Rainbow in the Dark cover

Metallica - Enter Sandman cover

Ozzy - Crazy Train cover

They also released their 1st album, Chain Of Thorns, more in the modern hard rock style, but well done for the couple songs I heard so far. I'll say again, the singer is excellent.

Not Afraid

Hit The Lights

Title track

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