Re: Taking Stock Of Avantasia:

Date:2019-02-27 15:20:40
In Reply To:Re: Taking Stock Of Avantasia: by Uziel
Using multiple singers, sometimes 2 or 3 in the same song, has always been a problem for me and this Avantasia extravaganza.
I'm usually not a fan of it either, but I guess Tobi gets better guests than most of the others who try this stuff. Anytime there's multiple singers, there are going to be some you wish weren't there in place of the ones you prefer.
I guess its a case of TSO disease. People seem to love their pompy rock. The success of it attests to that.
It all stems back to Meat Loaf, not TSO. Meat Loaf is metal!

As for me .. I would rather hear a new Edguy album.
I'd like one too, but it's clear the money is in Avantasia.
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