Re: Hey Nos, have you heard this?

Date:2019-02-27 15:17:29
In Reply To:Re: Hey Nos, have you heard this? by Uziel
Dunno why bands of this nature overindulge constantly with songs of 8 to 11 mins etc. Katatonia never felt the need to do that, (for the most part anyway). Reign it in boys.
If they had enough to fill out that time, it would be fine, but these long stretches of atmospheric nothingness are annoying. I have the same gripe about the album Devin Townsend is releasing next month. Tuneless sound is rather pointless.

Compare this to, say, Communic. Ok, they got a bit boring after a few records, but the songs on "Waves Of Visual Decay" are all fairly lengthy, and thta's because they had enough riffs and pieces to justify it.
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