Re: Feb Roundup

Date:2019-02-26 22:24:45
In Reply To:Re: Feb Roundup by Pirage
Martyrs, Rival and Lunacy are my faves. Love those 3. Ok love might be pushing it lol but I like'm a lot. Lascivious is quite good too.
Cool. I find the standouts to be "Martyrs" and "Covenant". The latter is probably my favorite song of the year so far.
You're a nu flames fan lol. Jester Race brother.. get with the program!(I know I know you don't like death metal..)
I'm not much of a fan of any period of theirs. That's the one album I like, and there aren't any others I would say that about. There's a couple of songs here and there, like "Only For The Weak", but not a lot.
Actually the latest video they released is great. You might actually like it as the melody doesn't really sound like anybody since you lambast them for aping this band and that.
I did see it. They just aren't interesting to me in their current form.
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