Feb Roundup

Date:2019-02-26 19:32:23
A very epic month overall and pretty diverse for me as per usual.

Albums 7/10 and above:

Avantasia - Moonglow
Tobi knocks it out of the park again. The guy seems to be a musical genius for grand and epic melodic metal. I find it hard to find fault with this album but I'm holding back my 10/10 for another day but damn it's close. 9.75/10

Beast in Black - From Hell With Love
This album is just a fun listen. You have to forget yourself and get in a pure 80s mindset. Then just have fun. Many will hate it though..can't please'm all. 8/10

Continuum - Designed Obsolescence
Tech death insanity. Jaw droppingly good. Wizard level riffage. 8.5/10

Dream Theater - Distance Over Time
A very big effort after the overblown The Astonishing. Class all round this time. Never been huge into my prog but I respect this album a lot. 8/10

Find Me - Angels In Blue
AOR prject from Frontiers. The two previous albums were both ace and this ain't no different. Robbie LeBlanc is just a wonderful singer, what a voice this fellow has. Lovely. This is basically the same as Toby Hitchcock's album which I loved from last month. One a month like this from Frontiers and I'll be happy. Very close to challenge Avantasia but alas a gallant second. 9.25/10

Liquid Horizon - Beyond Borders
German melodic prog metal. Not bad at all. Vocals a bit oddball but I can get by. Music is heavy and melodic. 7/10

Ravager - Thrashletics
Gotta get me thrash fix per month quota and Ravager helps me with the invigoratingly titled Thrashletics. \m/ 7.5/10

Thornbridge - Theatrical Masterpiece
The album that caused a bit of mayhem round here lol. I love this. Mix between Orden Ogan, Blind Guardian, Running Wild and Hammerfall. Happy days for me if no one else. 8.5/10

Within Temptation - Resist
A bit of a departure but I can't deny it works. Has a few flaws but works well-ish. 7/10

Saints of Sin - Welcome to the Circus - actually a late 2017 release this one. Reminds me so much of Shiraz Lane. Glad I came across this. 7/10

Imperia - Flames of Eternity
Female fronted symphonic metal like the old Within Temptation. Pleasantly surprised by this. 7/10

Mortanius - Till Death Do Us Part
Another very pleasant power metal album with slight neo-classical Royal Hunt style and feel. Interesting female vocals. 7/10

Overkill - The Wings of War
No better than the last album and in fact slightly less good but you're guaranteed a solid time with modern day Overkill. 7/10

Rhapsody of Fire - The Eighth Mountain
A wonderful return from Alex's men. I didn't think ROF had it in them after losing Fabio. The last album was dull. The joy is back with new singer
Giacomo. The fellow fits in well though his voice is very different than Fabio's. I love the fantastically overblown production too. Alex has thrown the gauntlet down to Luca and Fabio with this release. Luca has his work cut out that's for sure. 9/10

Blindman - Reach For The Sky
This album is from 2018 and it's really good. Japanese rock/metal with a lot of catchy melody. 8/10

Albums 6.5/10 and less:

Wheel - Moving Backwards - Yes in the end it won't work out. Too dreary/dreamy but a talented band for this style. 5/10

Rain Or Shine - The Darkest Part Of Me - A nice melodic rock record. 6/10

Tug Of War - Soulfire - Great production on this bluesy AOR album. Just a little too much blues for me. 5.5/10

Soen - Lotus
A good album for sure but not much repeat potential for me due to the melancholy nature. Great singing performance and one or two very good songs though. 6.5/10

Dethonator - Race Against the Sun_ Part 1 - UK power/thrash band. Not bad bust some annoying growls here and there. 6/10

Lord Divine - Facing Chaos - Could have been so much better if Diego wasn't doing his hardman straining all the time. 6/10

Adelaide - Strong and Brave - female fronted modern rock - 4/10

Archer Nation - Beneath the Dream - thrashy power poor sound 5/10

Blatant Disarray - Ebon Path - Good thrash music but bad vocals. 5/10

Blood Red Saints - Pulse - Just ok melodic rock 5/10

Booze Control - Forgotten Lands - boring retrad metal 4/10

Candlemass - The Door To Doom - decent but only 6/10. Most it can ever be is 7/10 but ain't gonna try too hard. Miss Rob Lowe.

Delain - Hunter's Moon - just an ep and live tracks. Not great. 5.5/10

Denman - Raw Deal - Production too raw in this retro band. 4/10

Diamanate - Coming Hot - from 2018 but heard now. Quite listenable but ultimately not great.5.5/10

Fifth Dawn - Duality - From 2018. Girl's voice too thin. Good music. 4.5/10

First Night - st - Weak AOR from Russia. 3.5/10

Herman Frank - Fight The Fear - Regular Heavy metal gets a solid 6.5/10

Last in Line - II - Good vocals but boring songs. 4/10

Ledger - st - 2018 ep head recently. Quite enjoyable. 6/10

London - Call That Girl - Average modern glam metal with a couple of decent tunes. 5.5/10

Morano - Incognito - Melodic rock project with some decent tunes. 5.5/10

Rival Sons - Feral Roots - absolutely love the singer's voice. A rival to Nathan from Inglorious this fella. Music is mostly not my cuppa at all. 4.5/10

Sebastien - Behind The World EP - Melodic metal but boring.

Self Deception - st - from 2018. Modern melodic rock with pop and emo bent. not bad. 6/10

Spirits Of Fire - st - not good, not good Ripper. 3/10

The Three Tremors - The Three Tremors - better but no great shakes 5/10

Viana - Forever Free - below average in every dept for this melodic rock project. 3.5/10

West Bound - Vol 1 - Horrendous sound. Everything else barely average. 3.5/10

Mikael Erlandsson - Capricorn Six - weak AOR with a couple of decent songs - 4/10

Rezet - Deal with It! - Reasonable neck wrecking thrash. 6/10

What's on the horizon for March:

Darkwater - Human - This will be superb
In Flames - I, the Mask - we'll see. should be better than last crap anyway.
Queensrÿche - The Verdict - Nos sharpening his knife as we speak!
Children of Bodom - Hexed - singles very hyped and ready for all out action
Iron Savior - Kill or Get Killed - always love the Savior. That won't change.
Týr - Hel - good to see them back
Essence of Datum - Spellcrying Machine - instrumental tech album.
Contrarian - Their Worm Never Dies - tech death
Twisted Tower Dire - Wars in the Unknown - trad comeback from the ashes
Bloodbound - Rise of the Dragon Empire - Nos ready to reuse the knife he already decapitated Queensryche with!
Battle Beast - No More Hollywood Endings - Let's see what the other beast can do. New song already very cool.
Frozen Crown - Crowned in Frost - new song sounds so good but they've still got the dirty vox.
Meridian - Margin of Error - melodic metal
Anthem - Nucleus - new song so good
Lance King - ReProgram - always liked Lance's voice.
Mosh-Pit Justice - Fighting the Poison - power/thrash
VLTIMAS - Something Wicked Marches In - Morbid Angel spin off band sounding bloody great so fasr.
DeVicious - Reflections - new song sounds good
Cats In Space - Daytrip To Narnia - gonna be a fun 70s fixated release.
THE END machine - st - I'll give it a shot but not impressed with single.

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