Re: Hey Nos, have you heard this?

Date:2019-02-25 21:36:32
In Reply To:Re: Hey Nos, have you heard this? by Nosferatwo
Wheel. They are touring with Soen soon here. It's not as melodic as Soen but you might like it. It's a bit heavier in places than Soen and can be just as melodic. The vocals are mixed being slick and clean and then gritty for the heavy groovy parts. I somehow like what I'm hearing oddly enough.
I know I've heard the name, but I hadn't actually heard any of the music. Yeah, it does sound like Soen, mostly circa the first album. Like that one, the instrumental parts are interesting, but the vocals aren't quite there yet.

I'll have to give the full thing a listen.
Yep. I'm definitely giving it a full listen. If I like it enough I may even go to this gig. BTW there's a third band part of that gig called Ghost Iris from Denmark. Wheel are Finns btw. Anyway Ghost Iris are a full on djent band with scream vocals and quite poppy vocals come the chorus. You won't like these guys at all but you can listen anyway. If they used only the clean chorus voice they could be good. Not a million miles from the other 2 bands hence this triple bill.

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