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Date:2019-02-25 18:24:20
In Reply To:PZ Weekly Chart by KingInCrimson
KingInCrimson proclaimed:
Savatage - Power of the Night
classic 80's US metal

Trapeze - Medusa
Glenn Hughes fronted power trio, 1970 sophomore release. Good stuff for fans of this era.
Tell 'em about Dave Holland and Mel Galley, too. A classic. Was fotunate to finally see Hughes do his Purple set last year, and he was best singer I have ever seen live.

NP:A Tribute to Accept - Vol.1 (Nuclear Blast) A few skips required but some fun stuff here.
I mostly disliked this, except the Seven Witches cover, and maybe the Tankard one.


V/A - Radio station Yunost: 45 Minutes in the Sunday Studio, Vol. 1
Mysticum - In the Streams of Inferno + Planet Satan
Miles Davis – Jack Johnson
Thin Lizzy – Johnny the Fox
Lords of the Crimson Alliance
Original Sin – Sin Will Find You Out
Candlemass – The Door to Doom (Langquist coming back was my dream since before Chapter VI. 2018 ain't what it used to be in 86, though. Certainly the best since the white one, and overall better than expected/feared. However, mind-numbingly st0000pid words...)
Link Wray – Rumble! The Best of Link Wray (this CD version was put together by Browsville Station's Cub Koda and includes one of my later Wray favorites, "Switchblade":)
Memento Mori – Rhymes of Lunacy
Depeche Mode - Music for the Masses
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