Taking Stock Of Avantasia:

Date:2019-02-24 16:37:54
With the new album completing(?) another chapter, I was thinking about how they all measure up.

Chapter 1:
The Metal Opera Pt I
The Metal Opera Pt II

Ever since they first came out, I have always been firmly on the side of Pt II. I went back and listened to the first one recently, and I still don't see why it started such a fuss that Edguy didn't. I think it's too traditionally power metal, which I know was the point. Pt II was always more interesting to me, even if I agree that "Anywhere" could have used some more instrumentation to make it more lush. Pt II is easily my favorite.

Chapter 2:
The Scarecrow
Angel Of Babylon
The Wicked Symphony

Picking one of these three is harder, especially since I seldom listen to the twins as whole albums. I have a compilation of my favorite tracks I put together that would count as my favorite thing Tobi has ever done. He certainly moved in a more rock sound starting here, and I love that about these records. They're more adventurous, and even when there are a couple of clunkers here and there, so much of it is unique among the huge amount of music Tobi has made. What surprised me is to realize this is my favorite chapter of the Avantasia story. I hadn't thought it was until now.

Chapter 3:
The Mystery Of Time

This chapter found Tobi getting darker in tone, and in sound. There were some big wins by doing that, but it didn't always work. I've never been a big fan of TMOT, so even though the last two are both great, this chapter falls a bit short. After revisiting "Ghostlights", I find I prefer it to "Moonglow". The best stuff hits me a little more, and I appreciate the extra diversity.

I wonder where Tobi is going next (since I assume Edguy isn't likely to be very active ever again)...
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