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Date:2019-02-24 03:45:54
In Reply To:Re: Weekly Chart by Pronger
Pronger proclaimed:
Nice I get to see Metal Church again March 30th in St Louis. I saw them three times in three states on the last tour :) Great live band! Joseph Michael is the singer in Witherfall. Dreyer and Joseph are the main songwriters. The originally started the band with Adam Sagan, formerly of Circle II Circle. The second disc is basically a tribute to him. Joseph also did an amazing job fronting Sanctuary on the W. Dane tribute tour opening for Iced Earth. He also fronted White Wizzard with Dreyer on lead guitar on 2013 The Devils Cut. He sounded amazing fronting Sanctuary. We drove about seven hours to Omaha Nebraska from Columbia Missouri for that show! I still only buy discs. UFO is my new crack!
Sounds good in White Wizzard but Witherfall decidedly better I guess due to material from the tracks I checked out. Vinnie Moore still in UFO?

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