Date:2019-02-22 15:11:58
In Reply To:Re: Dubl'-1 - "Voron Viking" by KingInCrimson
KingInCrimson proclaimed:

Original's way better\,,/
Yeah, first one has more natural energy to it. Second version they reminded me of the band Angus. Kruiz still the only Russian band that does it for me due to singing in English to a large degree.
I love Angus! More exact, I reeeally loove "Track of Doom", not so much the follow-up.

Yeah, the Dubl'1 version (actually recorded in 86) has a much better instrumentation than the Markiza version (88) The remake is way sloppier, especially the guitar, has a different break, inferior recording, is missing the awesome raspy murderer backing vocals, and is tuned down lower (down to D from the Eb original, which changes a lot of dynamics.)

Not being a native English speaker myself, I ironically also had a prejudice against bands singing in languages other than English back around mid-late 80s. I'm largely over that:)

If you can overlook the language barrier, there's some stuff from Hungary, Japan, Russia, Poland, and France, to name a few, that is quite jaw-dropping; I'm not even mentioning Norway, since Norwegian bands apparently suffer no such handicap, and go global in vernacular:)
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