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Song commonly known as "Voron-Viking" (Viking Raven)
USSR 1987

Written by Vadim Mikhailov; adapted from Hakon Gruner-Nielsen and Erik Abrahamsen.


Behold the Black Raven, by a wave of his wing
Ascend to the White Eagle, the heavenly king.
Behold them rise into the skies,
As their talons cling and their quills intertwine.

The wings of an Eagle are stronger than Raven's,
The claws of an Eagle are sharp for the maiming:
The Raven has fallen, the Eagle has won,
Enthroning the cliff for his victory song.

But the Raven came to, soared over the rock,
And finished the Eagle in one fatal stroke.
Raven's beak, Viking sword
Beheads the White Eagle, the heavenly lord.

Дубль-1(Dubl'-1)- "Песнь О Вороне"("The Raven Song")
Elena Sokolova – Vocals
Sergei Sokolov - Keyboards
Igor Kozhin –Guitars
Vadim Mikhailov –Bass
Vladimir Volodin – Drums

The group had two demos (second one - Voron-Viking - pretty metallic, first - not so much:), striking gold with their gig at Rock-Panorama'86 fest and this submission on the radio station Youth sampler LP the following year, appearing in company of such rising stars as Master and Kruiz. In 1987, 35000 copies of that sampler came out on the only record label in the largest country in the world. Unfortunately, even though they tamed the song title down to "Song of Raven" for the comp, it proved to be their swan song (see that?), as the band found themselves pressured and banned one time too many from all sides and finally disbanded - one of the last casualties of the Old Regime. The Sokolovs eventually went on to nationwide prominence with Markiza, and did another version of "Voron-Viking" on their (technically third) album, "The Atheist's Prayer":

Original's way better\,,/
Yeah, first one has more natural energy to it. Second version they reminded me of the band Angus. Kruiz still the only Russian band that does it for me due to singing in English to a large degree.
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