Date:2019-02-20 21:19:25
In Reply To:Re: Anthem ... by John Frank
John Frank proclaimed:

The accent and pronunciation is always a load of fun, but there is a number of interesting Japanese bands in various styles of metal, of which I particularly recommend Crowley LP and 8" single (classic HM ala M.Fate/Angel Witch, who had a terribly cumbersome comeback record recently - suffering much from redoing many old songs in English,- but an awesome 85-86 period) and Eldrich demo(technical progressive thrash, not the Italian band.)
Never got into Anthem. Even tried recently. I actually dig the Crowley comeback to some extent. Was not familiar with Eldritch. Sounds decent. I grabbed the Moon Hawk Project demo and Blood Breed Calls My Name album. Thanks for the tip.
You bet. Moon Hawk Project is their best to me.

I was very pumped for the Crowley comeback album, but it's just a pale rehash of their older songs, this time all in English. Too bad, because the full-length and the single before is awesome old-school tight metal:

Some fairly decent extreme stuff came out of Japan over the years, like Sigh, Sabbat, Metalucifer, Abigail, Ritual Carnage, Defiled. Crazy noise bands like S.O.B., Unholy Grave, Catasexual Urge Motivations/Vampiric Motives.
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