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Date:2019-02-20 17:32:55
In Reply To:Re: Anthem ... by Uziel
Uziel proclaimed:
Thanks. Will check out "Seven Hills".

I must admit I always cringe when the words "Japanese" and "Italian" are associated with metal. Just a personal prejudice and unfair. Always based on heavily accented vocals.

My bad.
Anthem had several core line-ups (the current one being more or less a Mk.3 one), and some absolutely stellar work to offer - for me, the Tsangarides-produced Bound To Break is their magnum opus, but Tightrope and the debut are also some of the best albums to come from Japan along with 80s Loudness. The only non-Japanese member they had was that time they tried to break out with Graham Bonnet. They're back on a festival circuit this year, doing some gigs in Europe.

The accent and pronunciation is always a load of fun, but there is a number of interesting Japanese bands in various styles of metal, of which I particularly recommend Crowley LP and 8" single (classic HM ala M.Fate/Angel Witch, who had a terribly cumbersome comeback record recently - suffering much from redoing many old songs in English,- but an awesome 85-86 period) and Eldrich demo(technical progressive thrash, not the Italian band.)
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