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Date:2019-02-20 14:26:22
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This song is extraordinary. Is the singer Japanese? Traditionally, they have struggled in the metal genre. Either too shrill or plain out of tune. Always heavily accented when singing in English too. Gladly that does not seem to a problem at all with this guy. He sounds absolutely awesome in all respects. Also the guitar playing is slick as hell.

These guys are back big time (did they ever go away?). I have no idea. But all I know is this is one hell of a brilliant metal track.
Anthem are "back" since the 2000 album, Heavy Metal Anthem, which was older tracks re-recorded with legend Graham Bonnet on vox.

Singer for the albums between 1984 and 1988, Eizo Sakamoto, was there for 2000-2014. 2001's Seven Hills was excellent
Follow-ups quite good too.

Since 2014, singer Yukio Morikawa (from the albums between 1988-1992) is back in the fold and is the singer on that new track, that is not "new". Black Empire was the title track of the 2008 album. And is indeed a great song.
From 2014's Absolute World

They traditionally always had mixed Jap/English lyrics. Upcoming album Nucleus, again re-recording of older songs, will be their 1st with all-English lyrics. I can't wait. Anthem is the best Jap metal band for me, with a much better output overall than Loudness.

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