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Date:2019-02-19 08:33:17
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Pronger proclaimed:
So good to see you on the board dude!! Email me at if you want to chat.

I got seven new discs in the mail a couple of days ago so stuck them all on an old ipod but it takes awhile for my 50 year old ass to absorb new music. I have listened to at least half of all of these but none of them all the way through other then Orchestrate II

Metal Church..........Damned if you do
Michael Harris........Orchestrate II
Witherfall............A Prelude to Sorrow.

- We drove and hour or six and saw Mr Dreyer with Iced Earth and Joseph Michael just kick ass fronting Sanctuary last year. Great show!! I couldn't believe how good he sounded on Mr Danes stuff. Tough gig!

Tony MacAlpine........Death of Roses
DC4...................Atomic Highway
Dream Child...........Until Death Do We Meet
Schenker Fest.........Resurrection

Always still playing the hell out of the Red Dragon Cartel.........Patina
Nice. The mighty Pronger! Dreyer is the latest/new guitar player? Love Stu in Iced Earth, seen in NZ a few years ago and Oz. I think I should know who Joseph Michael is but don't without googling. RDC is good stuff, will revisit that this week.

Still buy discs but not as much, streaming. Does mean I can keep up more though but not Pirage level, love my old shit too much. Speaking of had pleasure of seeing Metal Church at Wacken in 2016. Mike Howe - what a beast of a voice. Got to dig into the latest more.

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