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Date:2019-02-18 17:58:46
Avantasia - Moonglow

Always liked this project and this effort I really dig from the first listen. Will probably see in Sydney in May.

Thin Lizzy - Vagabonds of the Western World - Thunder & Lightning

I enjoy Vagabonds more than in the past although subsequent albums definitely upped the ante in terms of consistency and earworm.

Alestorm - No Grave But the Sea

A band that asks for no respect haha. I enjoy these guys for what they are. Skipped seeing them on this tour as mid week is just a killer and they will be back.

Anthrax - State of Euphoria

A few iffy tracks but love this one a lot. Partly due to the time of getting into the band at time of this release. Can't wait to see them in March!

Dream Child - Until Death Do We Meet Again

Thought I would listen to this given some recent PZ posts. It's good. Singer is good, not amazing imo. Will play it a bit more.

NP: Thornbridge - Theatrical Masterpiece ((kinda like music in parts, like White Skull, but singer can be annoying like Cans, so can relate to von's take on vox).
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