Re: Hey Nos, have you heard any of these?

Date:2019-02-17 17:47:16
In Reply To:Re: Hey Nos, have you heard any of these? by Nosferatwo
Fiery Sushi - Bad
I think I'd heard the name, but I don't remember hearing the music. This one sounds pretty good.

*edit* Did some looking, and the band hasn't been active in a while, but the singer now has a pop single out, so she might be going that way. A shame. I listened to their EP this morning, and it's good.
Yea I heard the pop single this morning. I guess there's no hope for a career going the rock route so you have to go pop. It's not bad for a pop song. But the Fiery Sushi songs are pretty cool. Can't find it anywhere though.

Paper Cities - Dead Inside
Also sounds pretty good.
Can't find this either.

Tigress - Alive
Be surprised if you don't like this band.
First impression was good.
Can't find much on this band at all. Just have to play youtube it seems.

New Years Day - Disgust Me
I don't think I've listened to much of them, but this song sounds awesome.

*Edit* I totally forgot they're supposed to have a new album out sometime in the first half of this year. They've got a new single that's pretty good too.
It's cool you found a few here especially NYD. Didn't know they had an album coming either. Just the single from last year.What's the single they got out now?

Blackbriar - I'd Rather Burn
Vocals aren't my thing.
Thought you might get into it with big WT vibe.

Diamante - Haunted
This one I already knew about. Thought it was just ok.

There's still more of these bands to find. I have two coming up on my schedule as we speak. There's Reason Define, who are a bit on the heavier side ( ), and A Brilliant Lie, who are more pop.
RD sounds good, although that main riff is a bit annoying.

And sometime next month I should be getting the Yours Truly EP. Since my favorite of these bands is defunct, it seems, they're currently at the top of the list.
Look forward to Yours Truly's EP. It's cool to spot these girly unknowns sometimes. It makes my metal soul shrivel up and die but what the hell lol..I'll regrow it with Manowar or something!

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