Re: Hey Nos, have you heard any of these?

Date:2019-02-17 13:56:06
Edited:2019-02-17 15:07:26
In Reply To:Hey Nos, have you heard any of these? by Pirage
Fiery Sushi - Bad
I think I'd heard the name, but I don't remember hearing the music. This one sounds pretty good.

*edit* Did some looking, and the band hasn't been active in a while, but the singer now has a pop single out, so she might be going that way. A shame. I listened to their EP this morning, and it's good.

Paper Cities - Dead Inside
Also sounds pretty good.

Tigress - Alive
Be surprised if you don't like this band.
First impression was good.

New Years Day - Disgust Me
I don't think I've listened to much of them, but this song sounds awesome.

*Edit* I totally forgot they're supposed to have a new album out sometime in the first half of this year. They've got a new single that's pretty good too.

Blackbriar - I'd Rather Burn
Vocals aren't my thing.

Diamante - Haunted
This one I already knew about. Thought it was just ok.

There's still more of these bands to find. I have two coming up on my schedule as we speak. There's Reason Define, who are a bit on the heavier side ( ), and A Brilliant Lie, who are more pop.

And sometime next month I should be getting the Yours Truly EP. Since my favorite of these bands is defunct, it seems, they're currently at the top of the list.
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