Re: New Avantasia

Date:2019-02-16 19:53:45
In Reply To:Re: New Avantasia by Nosferatwo
Geoff sounds amazing on that track. If Tobi hired Geoff he could sing a whole album like that and I’d buy it!
He sounds better than on his own trash, but he still has trouble enunciating the lyrics. He's mealy-mouthed, and it annoys me every time I hear him.
AOTM lads.
Spoiler alert; Good as it is, it won't be mine.
Soen right? I dunno how you can choose that dreary stuff over this joyous melodic stuff. And btw when I say dreary I don't mean it's bad by any means. It's just the demeanour of the band is all dreary and woeful even if they are pretty melodic at the same time. If it's DT I'm never gonna speak to you again! hahaha! joking bro. It's just that prog bands shouldn't win any awards on "power metal" boards. I know I know..this is an anything goes board.

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