New Avantasia

Date:2019-02-16 18:41:50
So I’m on my fourth spin of the new album and finally it’s all beginning to click, This truly is a great work of melodic metal art.

Fave tracks are the wonderful title track.

Book of Shallows which is one of the heaviest songs on the album. Love the Mille cameo on that almost heavy thrash tune.

The Raven Child which was the only song I heard before the full thing remains a masterpiece and probably in the top 3 songs on the album.

Alchemy is a bloody awesome track. Damn it’s good. So heavy and brooding. It cuts through to your soul and begs for repeated plays. Geoff sounds amazing on that track. If Tobi hired Geoff he could sing a whole album like that and I’d buy it!

Piper at the Gates of Dawn is just a wonderful regular heavy power metal tune. Reminds of Masterplan especially when Jorn is singing. All vocals are amazing on that song.

Looks like I’m mentioning the whole track list as faves but the track Lavender is so so only.

Requiem For A Dream is again wonderful and perfect for Kiske on the chorus. Glorious happy shit.

Maniac cover is ok.

Heart is just a good track but not amazing to end.

Only song that has yet to fully win me over is theatrical opener Ghost in the Moon. I know it’s like a sequel to the Meat Loaf style Mystery of a blood red rose on the last album but I need more concentration to appreciate that one.

Well Thornbridge, you had your shot at glory but then the big boys are in town now. AOTM lads.

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