Date:2019-02-14 15:09:55
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D.S. proclaimed:

Well, that's also subjective. For example, I think Powerwolf blow, the Cradle of Filth shtick makes them even lamer,
Yes, their image is goofy as fuck. So is King Diamond's but he's still a legend. Same with KISS, sure, they suck, but it's not cause of the goofy image.
But,see, Kiss and King Diamond can rock it. Marduk can rock it. Even Cradle and Dimmu can rock it. Now, Powerwolf, they try it on and look stupid with it. The little black dress is not for everyone.
write paint-by-numbers
Wolf's shit was way more paint by numbers than Powerwolf, yet you praise them.
wimp-friendly shit that makes X-Wild sound like a magnum opus of originality,
Again. Wolf is WAY less original than Powerwolf, and again, you were praising them. Can't have it both ways bro, if lack of originality is your issue, Wolf should be getting WAY more shit from you than Powerwolf do, cause they are 100 times less original...and if Powerwolf's music is wimpy, well...Wolf aren't exactly winning any awards for heaviness and aggression either, especially vocally.
Oh yeah, that is certainly indicative of the shape of things, and don't forget old Hansen Helloween - they had some of that, too. So, that was 20 years ago, and the bands of the genre today are so much more derivative, cheesy, insincere, and unoriginal, that it makes old Wolf sound at least like a worthy tribute.
Sorry mate, you're just making shit up now. Wolf's sound is WAY more derivative than anything Powerwolf have ever done. Cheesy, sure, but that's been common in metal since the 80's, I mean Manowar are legendary, so is King Diamond, doesn't make either band bad.
Well, what Powerwolf is doing is putting cheese on cheese. Manowar, King Diamond, Running Wild - yeah, OK, goofy. But Powerwolf is like a goofy goof - if Wolf was an Ator to their Conan, then Powerwolf and Organ Donor (to me) are a serious parody of Jean-Michel Thor.

As for insincere, metal is not a big genre. You aren't gonna become world famous or get rich playing the sort of metal Wolf, or Powerwolf, or whatever band started this thread play, you don't get into playing this sort of music if you're not sincere about it and even trying to argue otherwise is just talking out your ass.
They're sincere about wanting to come off as epic werewolf pirates, yes. I'm sure they sincerely believe that they are the warlord of Metal, holding the banner proud. But I personally feel it as an act, too much of a play act for me not to laugh at. Sure, Manowar or King Diamond were doing an act, and later still Wolf was doing their impressions of other people's acts, but with many of the current band, it's like their doing their version of an act that's reenacting another, with this deadpan chest-pounding attitude straight from the manual, as if Tigtone was serious. That's just my take on it. We definitely won't see eye to eye here, as it appears you love Powerwolf, but I'm sure we can over it:)

Have a happy V-Day, y'all.
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