Date:2019-02-14 00:35:56
In Reply To:Re: well this thread went well.... by Pirage
Pirage proclaimed:
..NOT. Anger management classes for all. I guess it's not real anger but just some kind of defensive mechanism where you have to keep going with the insults until it's run its course. Von. bro. You're fully entitled to your opinions however gnarly you are in voicing them and Uziel/Niall has form as long as your arm for volatile behaviour and here is the end result. Stupidity reigns supreme over music discussion. In any case let's all chillax a bit and enjoy the music we enjoy. (Probably asking too much huh? We need to rip the shit out of something we hate all the time..right?)

BTW..still loving the Thornbridge. Can't help it. Though I'll make sure not to play it if I ever invite you round! :-)
I had a good time. Everything I wrote, I wrote with a smile. My dick's a little sore, but in a good way:)

But seriously, have you noticed how you and I never got this way? Sure, we disagree and debate, but always with proper respect, never reducing to any name-calling or mud-slinging. I think most posters on either board would attest to a similar experience.

That's because you have never insulted me as a matter of argument. I don't put up with rudeness. Wanna argue music - awesome. But go ahead, insult me on a personal level. You gonna presume upon my intelligence or social status as a retort - I am bending you over. Think you're fit for this battle of half-wits? Please - you are getting raped. In public. This is not a duel, it's a flogging.

So, the blanket recipe for the peace in the valley is: be excellent to each other. Busted balls and inherent arrogance may be hard to check, but bruised feelings should not lead to ad hominem attacks, because such behavior de-validates all merits of the argument - as repeatedly shown.

Sorry about your thread, I guess - I just didn't like them:) Now you see why I don't respond to new music posts so much. Can you imagine all the fucking drama if I had? We'd have heart attacks galore and thread avalanches! That Gathering of Kings would make this thread look like a transcript of a Mr. Rogers Neighborhood :D:D
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